CNN Review: 'Modern Warfare 2' a fiery hit

Given the extraordinary anticipation swirling around "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," the follow-up to the 13 million-unit-selling military shooter game from 2007, living up to the hype might seem like an impossible mission.

But Infinity Ward, the savvy developers responsible for this explosive sequel, have delivered the goods -- and then some.

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ZBlacktt3721d ago

ok, ok, lets not try and kid anyone, lol. The SP game is like 5 hours long. Awh ok?. The online is COD4 with some added perks and a few taken out. So in other words, it's a updated map pack of COD4 online. The word "hype" was created for moments such as these. Still the same small maps with the same small 9 vs 9 fights. Nothing ground breaking like BFBC2. Now that game has clearly raised the bar.

JeffGUNZ3721d ago

It's obvious you have not played the game. The MP is extremely deep and you can customize EVERYTHING. The single player may be 5 hours in recruit difficulty, but in Veteran it will take you at least 10-12 hours. The game delivers. Stop hating on this game and actually try it out. IW delivered. Every review is saying they raised the bar and delivered and you said they didn't. So, are you telling me ALL of the reviewers are wrong and you are right?

ZBlacktt3721d ago

I guess reading multi boards at many gamers saying " not impressed" is enough for me. Why should I waste my money on a map pack? You just go on and enjoy as some like simple things. Or justify no matter what when they are diehards of something. :)

JeffGUNZ3721d ago

Funny, out of everything I have read, the only negative complaint I have seen is the campaign is a little short. Yet, I heard the campaign is fantastic. I am personally half way through and I am enjoying it greatly. The MP experience is completely different. It has a new feel and is vastly improved over the original. I did not insinuate you should go out and purchase it, but just rent it or play a friends copy. The game is great and exciting. I just don't get how you can say it should have been a downloadable update and you haven't even played it. Someone who makes up their mind about something without having all the facts or no personal experience looks rather immature and has no creditability. Just try it out, I think you will be surprised.

ZBlacktt3721d ago

lol, I'll just say, ok. Have fun with it.....really. :)

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