MARKETING: Capcom Begins New Era

Capcom is changing, with a new head of marketing in the U.S. and plans to expand its market-share through new messaging techniques as well as new IP.

Capcom is one of the most highly respected creators of games in this industry. But it remains a relatively low-level player in the U.S game industry - ranked 16th in our list of the top publishers.

The company is clearly gunning for growth, with the introduction of four new Intellectual Properties in the year ahead, all of which are filed under 'eagerly anticipated'. They are Okami, Dead Rising, God Hand and Lost Planet.

But game quality doesn't always equal market-share. Resident Evil 4 has billed over $20 million with more than 500,000 units sold in North America - decent enough business. But was the most highly rated game of 2005 (Gamerankings), and yet was outside the top 40 games-selling console SKUs in the last year.

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