College News reviews: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

"Modern Warfare 2 could be best described as Call of Duty 4--only better. It has slightly better graphics, a better designed campaign mode, a more robust multiplayer that's full of new toys to mess around with and, of course, the incredibly addictive Spec Ops mode. Essentially, it's everything that a good sequel should be. The campaign mode falters due to its poorly told story and short length, but regardless, Modern Warfare 2 still delivers a very well-rounded, well-crafted shooter that fans of the series will absolutely adore.

The single player and Spec Ops mode will last most gamers at least 10 hours, but as for the multiplayer, expect to be playing it for at least the next couple months. Is Modern Warfare 2 Game of the Year material? Maybe. Does it live up to all the hype? Definitely. "

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OGharryjoysticks3629d ago

You can tell right from the start of the single player intro when instead of solid production they have cheese ball flashbacks to the better version (COD4).

Heck if you got the HE and downloaded Classic you can see the exact same format. Honestly it's an arcade shooter that's not much different than sports games in that it's still doing the same thing only instead of new rosters and uniforms you get new characters and weapons.

nycredude3629d ago

yeah I agree this would have been great 2 years ago but now it's just feels played out and downright boring. halfway through the single player i was already thinking I will trade this crap in when I am done. Broken mp seals the deal for me.

COD4 was way better than this crap and all the reviewers are sellouts. This game deserve maybe 8-8.5 nothing above 9. It's pathetic. For this to average the same as Uncharted 2 is a slap in the face of Naughty Dog, who in less time bettered Uncharted 1 in every single way you can imagine. Cod 6 is the same old crap as cod4 only worse and the mp is gimped.

i3eyond the Circle3629d ago

Sucks for those guys who are hating on this game because it overshadowed their 1month worth of talk exclusives.

Enjoying every minute of this game.

SP was action packed and seat gluing and MP (On Xbox Live) is a blast.

Socomer 19793629d ago

Ive pretty much stayed out of most of the call of duty reviews but OMG! Every review is like Story?... Who needs a Story? Story was short but so what! what is this?

where are the reviewers who are like me that actually like call of duty stories??? Where are the reviewers who play the single campaign first before going online?

Freaking N4G was Right! When Codmw2 comes out lets all bask in the double standards. I'll never doubt this community ever again. MY GOD.

tehk1w13629d ago

The review pretty much calls out MW2 for having an absolute crap story.

But yeah, the storyline was never really the strongest aspect of any COD game.