WAR's Exec Producer Reassures Players

Warhammer Online's executive producer, Jeff Hickman, has written a letter to the community regarding the recent revelation that around 80 Mythic staff were laid off as part of EA's restructuring.

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Maticus5362d ago

If I was a WAR player, I would be slightly worried. Regardless of this guy's assurances.

Leord5362d ago

Well, it's never good news, is it?

Bobby Kotex5361d ago

From my personal experiences always trust your instinct vs. what any business person says. I've had so many managers (CEOs and VPs) lie through their teeth to me without flinching one bit. You think they have any problem doing this to people they don't know?

Fyzzu5362d ago

Good to hear. Layoffs are stressful for everyone invested in a game - whether as a developer or as a player :/

Redrudy5362d ago

Well after paying £170m for Playfish they are going to need to make savings somewhere.

Dorjan5362d ago

Owch.. EA are feeling the pinch!

AndyA5362d ago

Good news. 80 redundancies seems like quite a major shake-up, though.

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Casepbx2937d ago

I still miss City of Heroes.

2937d ago
PurpHerbison2937d ago

I agree when it comes to The Sims Online. That game was really fun and nothing has even come close to it. I still crave a new Sims with online multiplayer. Blows my mind they haven't done anything like that since The Sims Online or even The Sims Bustin' Out on PS2.


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