PlayDevil: SuperCar Challenge PS3 Review - Is this sequel still a challenger?

PlayDevil has posted an in-depth review of System 3 PS3 race game "SuperCar Challenge".

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"There are plenty of other modes, like Arcade and Time Trial, but the meat of the game is clearly in the challenge mode, so you will be forced back there at some point. AI has been improved in some aspects, and is still some of the best around there, but it seems like the AI will make more mistakes for no real reason now. In some cars (e.g. the F40), it seemed like the entire field was incapable of taking one of the chicanes at the fake Montreal circuit."

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Zedux4712d ago (Edited 4712d ago )

great game by far the best sim for consoles ever! sim=simulator please understand that!

GamerKnights4712d ago

Indeed, it's basically a "hardcore simulation" game. So if anybody is searching for an arcade racer ... this game won't do you any good.