Microsoft to Include Video Ads in Loading Screens?

Koku Gamer writes: "Microsoft's in-game ad subsidiary, Massive, has revealed its intention to include not only static ads during gameplay, but video ads during 'game breaks'."

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Sunny_D3723d ago

I hope it's not COTTON: It's the Fabric of Our Lives!

Saaking3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Wow, that would just sink MS even lower than I hold them at this moment (and they're really, really low).

I pay for XBL Gold and I STILL get a ton of ads. When I turn on the 360 instead of LOGICALLY going to the "MY XBOX" tab it goes to the "SPOTLIGHT" tab (a.k.a. the ADS tab). That is just too annoying even if the ads are game related. I'm paying and I don't want ads PERIOD

OGharryjoysticks3723d ago

No way to avoid it. Unless you go PS3. And even then you don't get as many ads but the ones that are there pay Sony so things stay free.

Ziriux3723d ago

Yea I was going to say PSN isn't any better I ran them both side by side, 360 has less few but generally their both full of ads.

TheDarkCynic3723d ago

Home is like one big ad. They both have way too many

Saaking3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Difference is, PSN and Home are free. XBL is a paid for service and there's still. Either go with ads and make online free or take a fee and remove adds. You can't have it both ways MS.

EDIT: I Know it's not a huge deal but it really pisses me off.

Bzone243723d ago

"When I turn on the 360 instead of LOGICALLY going to the "MY XBOX" tab it goes to the "SPOTLIGHT" tab (a.k.a. the ADS tab)."

If it bothers you so much to have to push up once to get to "My Xbox", maybe you should try something other than gaming.

Nitrowolf23723d ago

you joking right? The only ads on PSn are the ones to the ps store or buy a psp. Those are the only ones. Other then inside of HOME, thats a different sory that does have allot of ads, But hey HOME is optional and honestly its a social App. I see what saaking is saying, and it shouldn't be much a bother but i think i know what your saying. Why when you turn on your console the first thing you see is an Ad.

Blaze9293723d ago

"I pay for XBL Gold"

Lol for some reason...I just have a really hard time believing you pay for Xbox LIVE yet alone own an Xbox 360. If you do then wow...talking about bashing something so hard but still supporting it :/

What's your Gamertag brah?


Anyway this is nothing new; EA Sports continuously does this every year. Microsoft has 'been' doing this since 1 vs 100 even launched with video ads for Doritos, deodorant etc. But of course: Microsoft + ads = breaking news.

HolyOrangeCows3723d ago

Shouldn't the gold members NOT have ads and the non-gold members HAVE ads....and both get to access Multiplayer?

I think THAT would be a better system.

LtSkittles3723d ago

Saaking's GamerTag for XBL from his Bio HellsWrath2231 which has a GamerCard

A HiFi3723d ago

Good suggestion. It would be interesting to see how viable that is in comparison...

HolyOrangeCows3723d ago

....and then the GOLD members could also access the Facebook/twitter/Netflix/party chat/etc stuff as well.

Sigh....but I think we all know it's not going to happen any time soon. Microsoft isn't going to give us the multiplayer that we get on PC/PS3 for free when they know the sole reason so many people pay for gold is just for it.

A HiFi3723d ago

Maybe in the North American version of 1 vs. 100 Blaze, but not in the UK version nor would I think the European versions. I'm sure season two will provide video ads worldwide.

badz1493723d ago

and there are a lot of ads there. but it's a FREE social space, so ads are expected. and for those saying there are ads on XMB, aside from the stuff available on PS Store, there's virtually no ads! please don't spread BS here!

The Creep3723d ago

if there gonna do that, then they might aswell make xbox live free

kingnick3722d ago

The ADs YOU'RE FORCED TO WATCH using more bandwidth then the match you're about to play.

So not only are Microsoft going to gouge consumers for XBL GOLD subscriptions but waste their bandwidth with video ADs.

I can just imagine all the kiddies/teens saying "Mom you need to upgrade the quota because last month the internet cost x amount or we were shaped" because they were subjected to hundreds of video ADs while playing XBL.

Bandwidth might not be an issue for Americans but in other countries where internet access is more expensive in-game video ADs might use enough bandwidth to make online gaming much more expensive and/or less accessible as a result.

I've had an Xbox360 since the launch in Australia but lately Microsoft have given me reason after reason to ditch them with almost every piece of Microsoft and Xbox360 news being negative or bittersweet to some degree.

IaMs123722d ago

Now if its Ads for games im alright with that, but gameplay footage and what not, but if its for that freaking Snuggie stuff i will flip Sh$*T

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Chubear3722d ago

XBOX360: Gimp in, Pay Beyond XD

RuPaul3722d ago

Obviously the consumer base wants or doesn't mind the ads or otherwise MS wouldn't include them.

I personally can't wait to see the ads during gaming breaks, sounds like a very good idea to me.

MS main concern is its consumer base, just look at our 3yr warranty vs Sonys 1yr.....LOL @ the Sony SUCKERS!

Ziriux3723d ago

Gaming just needs to stay gaming, I'm sick of this crap about ads in games.

Andrew Wiggin3723d ago

Not surprising. Doesn't ever bother me, would much rather have this than obnoxious in game product placement.

A HiFi3723d ago

If there is some relation (which there won't be) and there are a large number of them rather than just the same ones all the time (which it probably will be), then I wouldn't mind it (but I will).

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