Resumeplay: Torchlight - Review (PC)

Resumeplay writes: "If Fate and Diablo II had a baby, what would it come out to be? The developers behind Fate, and the co-creators of Diablo II have created a world that has meshed the two together and called it Torchlight. As the game started up and I first heard the background music, I was reminded of how closely related this game was to Diablo II. It made me more than a bit nostalgic, and was actually a bit refreshing, if not overpowering."

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NathanGra3728d ago

Uh, this game reminded you of Diablo II in a nostalgic sense? Sign me up! Nice review!

mau643728d ago

I want this game, but will have to wait

CheatsMcGee3728d ago

Good review! Torchlight is one of my new found games that I love. I can't wait till more mods come out.

Rumor has it that someone is working on a multiplayer one as well.

Valay3728d ago

I'll be keeping an eye on this.

MajestieBeast3728d ago

Multiplayer mod seriously? That would make the game even better for the 15 euro's i paid.

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