DualShockers Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Impressions

DualShockers writes,

"With the release of the demo for Left 4 Dead 2, I figured I would get some hands on time and give some impressions of the demo."

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taz80803728d ago

The addition of melee weapons is fun, but is it enough to warrant a new game? Too many titles are slapping te number 2 at the end and having people flock to buy them

StanLee3728d ago

The demo for Left 4 Dead 2 showed how little effort was really put into this sequel. Really, this is an expansion and without some narrative holding the gameplay together it's going to get old in a matter of days.

NaiNaiNai3728d ago

The demo showed how much detail was put into the sequal.

New Special infected, New ways to kill the special infected new weapons both in melee and regular, Silenced weapons which do not draw zombie attention, Level blocks, You can't go the same way over and over walls will be boarded up, Bricked up, or just plain blocked.

I mean really, they even upped the graphics, new textures, higher res textures, better looking infected, Better looking survivors, smarter AI.

Anyone who thinks this was supposed to be a Patch or DLC, is a complete retard.

JoelT3728d ago

Sorry but i have to disagree.The only thing I'm excited about are the melee weapons. As far as graphics, you couldn't be anymore wrong as it is using the same exact source engine from the original.

STONEY43727d ago

"As far as graphics, you couldn't be anymore wrong as it is using the same exact source engine from the original."

I can't speak for the 360 demo, but on PC the graphics were a pretty nice improvement over the original in lighting, textures, and effects. Especially the textures on characters faces.

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JoelT3728d ago

Word to the wise, refrain from using the dedicated servers option. It's pretty bad.

gamer78043728d ago

is there a way to play online with friends without using the dedicated servers? My i played the demo online and it was super jumpy/choppy. Thanks

JoelT3728d ago

I played with a buddy who has FiOS and it ran as smooth as a baby's bottom.

3728d ago
FuckinUsername3728d ago

after watching the intro felt too movie like.which i did not enjoy.

SixZeroFour3728d ago

i thought l4d was supposed to be a parody of all horror zombie films...which is why on the load screens they have the movie posters for the lvl, and the cliche character types

bigrudowsky3728d ago

Then i hope you stay away from uncharted 2 you would definitely hate that game... Either way this is not worth 60 or even 50 bucks in my eyes after playing the demo i was left very disappointed.. Just too much alike.

GameOn3728d ago

I thought it was the best demo on live, but then I never really played the first.