Guild Wars 2 Beta Next Year, Launch 2011

Details regarding Guild Wars 2's release schedule have been revealed during talks with NCsoft investors.

A beta or "public event" is likely next year, and NCsoft currently hopes to release the game sometime in 2011.

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Dorjan4713d ago

Meh, it can come and pass.

Redrudy4713d ago

Doesn't excite me much either, not anymore.

Bonsai12144712d ago

well, they have had like 3 years development time, and if they live up to what they said the game will be, i'll be happy with it. especially since its pay model is the same. though i'm still waiting on the books. i love the lore for the series.

Maticus4713d ago

Well at least there's a date on it now, however far off it may be ^ ^

Malfurion4713d ago

Hmm, with Aion around, how much hope does GW2 have?

Chris3994713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

Unless they fix the bots and the spammers fast, even those enamored with the game (like me) will lose interest. The greater issue, is that these bots are controlling the economy of a game that is VERY money driven. Everything, even death, in this game costs kinah, and that sort of power should not be in the hands of the gold farmers.

That and the grindiness of the whole affair. I don't mind it, as I've always been a "grinder", but I can see how it will turn of the WOW/ casual crowd, which, let's face it, are the real $ behind MMORPGs. A game cannot be sustained on the hardcore alone, and if you alienate the casuals, you can't hope to compete with WOW's success in the slightest.

Other than these two issues, the game - PVP, customization, PVE (when you're not fighting bots for mobs lol) - is brilliant.

I'm hopeful that they can fix these issues. This isn't a QQ I'm cancelling my sub post :P

Leord4713d ago

I think this will be very interesting, regardless!

Chaos Striker4712d ago

Not cool NCSoft. I have waited very long for a beta and have been consistently playing Guild Wars patiently these past few years. Guild Wars 2 better blow me away :P (I'm sure it will, since I have faith in ArenaNet). Oh well, a few more trips through Domain of Anguish, The Deep, Urgoz Warren, and some of the elite dungeons will have to satisfy me until 2010...sometime....

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The story is too old to be commented.