Modojo: Band Hero Review

It's good to see Activision expanding its Guitar Hero franchise for Nintendo DS, rather than put on the same rock show year after year. Band Hero not only brings back the guitar-playing system from previous games, but also gives you the option to play drums (using a new skin that slips over your handheld) and sing (through the DS' built-in microphone). However, while the game excels in some areas, it still underperforms.


Band Hero bundles now $30 at Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning stores are now carrying the Band Hero big bundles, which include the game, guitar, mic and drum kit, for $29.99. Considering they were $159.99 four years ago, I'd say it's an interesting deal.

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Activision Settles Band Hero Lawsuit

IGN - The lawsuit between Activision and No Doubt over Band Hero has been settled. According to court records, No Doubt reached a settlement with Activision on Monday, ending the lawsuit that has been running for years.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx4157d ago

They seemed pretty jolly & proud in the behind the scenes videos. It's pathetic how this is the ONLY band to sue over this,,,,, Ozzy, Aerosmith, Metallica, Lemmy, Slash, Van Halen, Nirvana all seem perfectly contempt. I would sue too :/ I mean if i was them then there's No doubt i'd have like no money either (pun intended).


NCAA Football 13 is $20 off at Newegg plus other deals

XMNR: Newegg launched a new batch of weekend game deals on Friday, August 17 including a $20 discount on NCAA Football 13 and clearance prices on games like Dead Island and the Band Hero Band Kit.

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