Activision vs. No Doubt case to be heard by jury

Los Angeles judge denies publisher's wishes to dismiss several claims stemming from Band Hero suit, trial expected to commence later this year.

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Fatty2666d ago

*points and laughs at Activision*

Valenka2666d ago

Good. I proper can't stand Activision and I'm glad to see one of my favourite bands take charge and fight against someone doing them wrong. Having read the article, Activision's claim that No Doubt did not exercise due diligence before entering into the agreement, saying it is "publicly known" that characters in previous Guitar Hero games have been "unlockable" in the same fashion, is utter rubbish.

FarCryLover1822666d ago

There's No Doubt in who will win this case.

Hicken2665d ago

Don't speak. I know what you're thinking.

Captain Qwark 92665d ago

clever you two.

that said, as much as i hate acticrap, this is so petty of no doubt. who the hell cares. what they are b*tching about is not a big deal, in fact its kind of pathetic to be filing a complaint over