Carmack Briefly Discusses Rage and DOOM 4 during Podcast Interview

GrE writes, "You may not be very familiar with seeing interviews in the EvilCast space, but we are always willing to make exceptions when it comes to talking to some of the great minds in game design. So who would have enough pull to make us deviate from our usual publishing schedule? How about an industry luminary by the name of John Carmack? That's right, the man behind such franchises as Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, and the upcoming Rage, sat down with EvilCast host Blake Grundman, to discuss the recent release of Doom Classic on the iPhone."

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roblef3721d ago

WOW. How did they get this guy on a podcast?

bgrundman3721d ago

It was a dream scenario, there is no doubt of that!

ammonator3721d ago

No doubt, makes me start thinking of my list of people that it would be a dream to interview.

xTruthx3721d ago

Cant wait for the next doom

roblef3721d ago

I love that he talks about how Apple made the "right call" in putting together their SDK.

wondroushippo3721d ago

It's interesting to hear from a guy who knows his stuff commenting on the Apple's choices. And the implicit approval that his working on the platform brings is huge.

wondroushippo3721d ago

I listened to this, and found it to be the nerdiest thing I've listened to in a long time. And coming from a super-nerd like Compelling stuff though.

bgrundman3721d ago

Man, that guy knows his tech something fierce. You could learn alot from him.

wondroushippo3721d ago

Definitely. There's a lot that can be learned from listening to him.

starven3721d ago

This was awesome. Thanks. To to go get cleaned up after that nerdgasim.

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