Left 4 Dead Update Adds Team Versus Matchmaking

Valve has released a new update for their survival shooter Left 4 Dead, adding the much called for team versus 4-on-4 competitve matchmaking mode.

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mistajeff3731d ago

Awww, look! Matchmaking and dedicated servers living in harmony, within a single game!

Sarcasm3731d ago

I still don't see why they even bothered with Left4Dead 2 when they could just release updates and DLC for the millions of people who already bought Left4Dead 1.

Oh well. I might get this for the PC, my friend said the demo was still pretty fun.

TheIneffableBob3731d ago

Because it's much, much bigger than just a DLC pack. Calling Left 4 Dead 2 DLC to Left 4 Dead 1 is like saying Gears of War 2 is DLC to Gears of War 1 or BioShock 2 is DLC to BioShock 1.

toaster3731d ago

It's as if Valve knows what they're doing!! :O

Astonishing. Well guess what I'll be playing today.

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