Video game makers challenge Minnesota restrictions

Video game manufacturers asked a federal judge Tuesday to halt an impending Minnesota law that exposes minors to $25 fines if they obtain video games designed for adult players.

The industry's court challenge -- like several others it has successfully waged -- contends the law violates constitutional rights to free speech.

But after watching other video game restrictions fall like dominoes, Minnesota lawmakers took a different approach.

Minnesota's law, which is due to take effect Aug. 1, doesn't carry criminal sanctions for retailers, but requires them to post signs warning young people they can face the $25 civil penalty if they're caught with games rated ''M'' for mature or ''AO'' for adults only.

In Illinois, the state's overturned law would have allowed for $1,000 fines for retailers caught selling or renting sexually explicit or violent video games to minors. Similar laws were struck down in California, Michigan and Washington.

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