Warhawk Supports Up-Scaling to 1080i

I have noticed on the forums some of our BETA testers commenting on that fact that their particular make/model of HD tv doesn't support 720p thus they are forced to play Warhawk in 480p mode. This problem happens for many games that render 720p but are being displayed on a 1080i/480p monitor.

Wanted to make a quick post to let you all know that we have fixed this issue and we now support our 720p signal to be up-scaled to 1080i so those of you who are stuck playing Warhawk in 480p don't get screwed :-)

To be clear, we don't render 1080 natively, we simply up-scale the 720p frame buffer so we can output 1080i -- Still looks great BTW! one should have to play Warhawk in 480p :-P

Thanks again for all the posts! We really appreciate all of the feedback, comments, bugs, etc and many thanks for all the kind words!

Rock on,

PSN Handle: "TheGoatAss"


This was posted in error but not by "amplifier" this was accessed by someone that I had left with the PC on auto login for everything I do.

Please accept my apologies and will start loging off of everything.


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Amplifier4577d ago

Well...there you have it folks...looks like "1080i" up-scaling is really left up to the developers and not something that Sony can fix with an firmware update.


Lord Anubis4577d ago

Giggity giggity. . Alright.

Rythrine4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

Pls no more good news for this game....First, beta tips...Second, i heard that it can go to 60fps...and now this!? I don't have an HDTV yet and i'm one of the poor souls who plays this in freakin' to get one soon...don't wna miss out seeing this game in 1080i....No more tortures pls!..Well finally got that out, time to play more warhawk beta...lolz

DJ4577d ago

Ah, the benefits of public Betas.

Sevir044577d ago

gotta logve it... i'm going online right now to play it..

PSN gamer Tag... SeviredGamer

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