What Should be in a Review?

TheSixthAxis: 'In case you didn't gather it from the totally genius play on the title, this is a response to nofi's relatively cynical (relative to, for example, the Teletubbies) What's In A Review? blog earlier this morning. He basically outlined that the up-to-3 years (didn't Killzone 2 take 4?) that games spend in development basically comes down to a load of people sitting at keyboards and summing it up in a public opinion to the tune of around 1200 words. All that work, all the code-configuring, engine-optimising, game-marketing and other-stuff (that shouldn't be hyphenated, but I had a thing going on) all having less of an effect on how well the game sells than what a load of buggers say about it. At TSA, we are a load of buggers, but nofi may have a point there. Or does he?

No. Sorry nofi, but it doesn't matter how much work has gone into a game, it should never be scored in relation to that. A review is specifically about the quality of the game and nothing else.'

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Nelson M3733d ago

If its a Xbox Exclusive