Disney to support HD DVD?

Disney looks to go format neutral this fall with the release of Badder Santa: The Unrated Version.

"Only days after renaming its home video division to Disney Home Entertainment, the Walt Disney Co. announced Tuesday that it intends to release Badder Santa: The Unrated Version on November 20 in HD DVD and Blu-ray."

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ITR4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

So you tell me why IMDb is lying then?

The biggest movie site probably on planet earth.

Thats a big big typo for IMDb if it's not true.

Looks like I'm not the only one that got this article.

dknight4157d ago

Weird! I search google and found titles that say HD DVD and then click on it and it says blu ray. imdb usually has good movie info.

drtysouf214157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

its because when you look at the words "standard definition dvd" naturally if your talking about the next step up you would use the words "high definition dvd" if you look at it that way a blu-ray disk is a high definition dvd. So some people get confused and call blu-ray hd dvd because it is also a high definition dvd. And here is your proof that Disney is still exclusively supporting Blu-Ray. IMDB is a great site i go there all the time but they made a mistake its a typo.

EDIT. ITR that other link says the same thing as imdb so that other site got it from imdb.

ITR4157d ago

Did you read the article on IMDb Timmyp53? For some reason I doubt IMDb benefits from posting fake news about movie releases especially when it concerns big studio's like Disney.

BitbyDeath4157d ago

I'll believe it when i see it

sonarus4157d ago

wow but if that were true dat wud have been a decent blow for blu ray.

Covenant4157d ago

I don't think this will decide the war in HD-DVDs favor...but it may be the first step towards a compromise, which would help avoid another costly and frustrating format war. A win for the consumer...though if both formats are supported, then remembering what title is on which format will be a pain.

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The story is too old to be commented.