Top 5 developers who still love PC gamers

"Developers don't necessarily hate PC gamers, but it's not unreasonable at all to say the PC clearly is no longer their number one priority. However, there are still developers out there that recognize the inherent strengths of the PC platform and know how to take advantage of them to make some truly awesome games. These are five of the top game designers who see opportunity where everyone else sees lackluster sales, and have helped keep the PC gaming community alive and kicking."

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njr3631d ago

You know there's something wrong when people create a list of top devs that still love PC gamers.

ThanatosDMC3631d ago

Isnt it the publishers and not the developers? Publishers want money back from their investments after all.

tehk1w13631d ago

Just goes to show how many devs have more or less forgotten the platform that first made them famous.

I'm looking at YOU Lucas Arts!

DiffusionE3631d ago

Sad but true. I guess in the end, it's always gonna come down to the profit factor. But that doesn't justify the s**t that IW did. There is a huge difference between simply wanting profit and showing the finger to your fanbase.

MisterNiwa3631d ago

Because the PC Gamers do the Games for Valve.

Every new IP of Valve was just a Mod of Half Life, until Valve created a complete game out of it.
Thats what i call innovation.

tehk1w13631d ago

Most definitely. I really have no clue what IW was thinking.

Pandamobile3631d ago

Yep, that's why Valve's games are so great. When you listen to and understand your community the way Valve does, you'll make great games.

Timesplitter143631d ago

I don't see why Blizzard isn't #1, though. Seeing how they ONLY make PC games and they're pretty much set to launch the PC into another golden age with Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3.

Pandamobile3631d ago

Because Valve does more for PC gaming right now. Blizzard hasn't done sh1t-all in the last couple years besides delay Starcraft 2.

HolyOrangeCows3631d ago

That's because it's 'ACTIVISION Blizzard' now.

toaster3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

It's articles like this that warm my heart.

Some other honorable mentions:
-Futuremark, Shattered Horizon is incredible.
-Ubisoft, AC 1 and AC 2 for PC will be superior, superior Far Cry 2, and Conviction looks to be good as well.
-iD, I'm STILL playing Doom 3 and Quake Arena.
-Gearbox, Borderlands and Brothers in Arms: HH are better on PC.

PC Owns.

We will always lead the way. I pity those console-only people.

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Pizza3631d ago

Yes, do not include Id soft as Rage will not include dedicated server.

kaveti66163631d ago

RAGE might not be a game that requires dedicated servers. It's an RPG

TheIneffableBob3631d ago

lol, Rage is not an RPG. Where did you get that idea?

It's 60/40 FPS and racing game.

DiffusionE3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

"....With next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360..."

I'm sorry, what? As good as those may be, they don't qualify as 'next-gen' anymore.

On Topic - Good list. Except, I'm a bit skeptical about Blizzard. They're okay now, but Activision may eventually corrupt them like they did with IW.

Edit - I've just noticed the list is numbered as 5,4,4,2,1. Is that deliberate or a typo?

STONEY43631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Yup, to us PC gamers, the consoles are last-gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.