GameShark: SAW Review

When you take its status as a movie game into account you would expect a SAW game to be almost as traumatic as anything the maniacal Jigsaw could string up. The game is certainly filled with broken pieces of rusted mechanics, both in the tangible as well as the metaphorical sense, which you must endure though to proceed. That being said the game wraps the franchise around a survival horror setting better than any sane person would have expected. It's really not that bad.

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The Best Escape Room Games That Will Give Your Brain A Workout

Escape room number one, then proceed to room number two. Why? because it's littered with some of the best escape room games you can play

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Doom 2's First Map, Silent Hill 4 & Saw Bathroom Scene Recreated in Unreal Engine 4

YouTube’s ‘club4ghz’ has recreated various environments from Doom 2, Silent Hill and Saw in Unreal Engine 4.

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RonsonPL3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Nope. I don't like it. It might be because of the sentimentality (D2 is the best Doom game in my opinion, partially because D1 was too much for my AMD 386SX ;)), but the music doesn't sound right, and the looks of this doesn't feel like Doom.

Lighting alone doesn't make it better.
PS. The author went "a little" too crazy with particles ;)

IaMs123196d ago

It doesn't really feel like Doom that much agree, but the music is from Doom although a different level.

nveenio3195d ago

The textures and material properties are horrible. This is very amateur. I was expecting something a little better than this.

Timesplitter143196d ago

It would look better if they didn't use UE4's reflective materials EVERYWHERE

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5 Excruciating Ways to Die in Horror Games (NSFW)

BD writes: Every one of us will die. You, me, even our music editor, Jonny B — once thought to be immortal — will eventually meet move on to wherever it is we go when we perish. In fact, we’re all dying right now. Right this very minute, every one of us is hurtling through space at about 70k mph, dodging asteroids, comets, other planets and the Covenant.

This is a fun way to start an article, huh? It sure is, and I’m not even done yet. Any number of things can kill us, and as video games have taught me over the years, many of these deaths are horrific enough that I wouldn’t wish them upon my worst enemy (you know who you are).

This is why I’ve decided to come up with a list of five of what I consider to be some of the most painful deaths I’ve seen in horror games.

Come, darling. Let’s have some fun.

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