1UP gives Crush a 9.5

Most games can be described as an amalgam of others, as borrowed game mechanics and thematic elements bounce from game to game within a genre. Crush might have a recognizable aesthetic (think Psychonauts in a dark alley), but its gameplay is wholly -- and compellingly -- its own. Developer Zoë Mode (formerly Kuju Brighton) has crafted a cognitively rewarding, expertly designed puzzle experience that truly plays like nothing else.

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Arkham4283d ago (Edited 4283d ago )

I've read a few reviews hailing this as a great game. Looks like it's worth checking out.

Armyless4283d ago

...given all the complaints about the "lack" of games for the PSP. I will definitely pick this up.

Charlie26884283d ago

let me say it again just for the record...WOW

MK_Red4283d ago

One of the best games of PSP. Thie game deserves 9.5. Shame on other sites that gave it below 9.