Sony Ericsson's PS3 phone

Tone: Sony Ericsson has released the Aino, a mobile phone that accesses your PS3.

The Aino is designed with PS3 users in mind, as it can wirelessly access the media content of your PS3 from anywhere in the world, as long as you happen to be in a wireless hot spot at the time.

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nightfallinicedearth4035d ago

I like it, looks good. But I doubt I would replace my Iphone for this. way too much fun with the apps. Plus the price is a little too much. I don't think I could ever spend a grand on a cell phone.

Shang-Long4035d ago

thats the same thing i thought when i was reading this

Cyrax_874035d ago

...but I only just bought the W995 a few months ago and I'm loving it at the moment.

Major_Failson4035d ago

Better than the i-phone FACT

All Sony,s products are top of the line.

barom4035d ago

999$? I hope that's using New Zealand dollars cause a thousand dollars is wayyy too much.

The real killer4035d ago

Buy then a SonyEricsson Satio, far better then any Iphone you can get.

infamous-butcher4035d ago

$1000 NZ
$723.14 US
486.57 euro
For thoes who are wondering what the price is all about.
Persionally its not to bad as its about the same price as the iphone was when it came out, I'v even seen iphones go for that price 2nd hand as there unlocked.

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mastiffchild4035d ago

I wanted the white one on a £25 contact I'd found with a free gift(choice of a Wii/360arcade/PSP300/iPod touch-would have possibly gone for the iPod)as it seemed a good deal but at the three places I found advertising the deal NONE had the white one, didn't offer it with the black and didn't have a UK date for when the white would arrive! THATS why I hate getting a new phone.

The other problem is that it doesn't really go far enough despite having a few good features-they should have made it capable of a lot more than they have and there are a lot of options they've left out leaving the Satio a much better bet. As you have to be in a Wi Fi hotspot to use the PS connectivity it does nothing more than a PSP unless you have Play TV! AND you can't play any PS games on it-not even PSP minis (IIRC). Imagine if it could've been used to tether a PSP from outside of hotspots for RP etc or they'd figured out a few games you could actually use it for. Sure, maybe these are unrealistic or too ecxpesibe for a phone right now BUT without them is there any real point in the Aino over any other decent phone?

As it is it's neither the rumoured(so often) PS phone nor a way of making your PSP the iPhone killer it could be-set me free from wireless hotspots Sony!

CaptainKratos4035d ago

it doesn't feel cheap in your hand.or crappy.

Hideo_Kojima4034d ago

132*240 pixels...

no good for multimedia get samsung jet much cheaper amoled screen 800*480.

chisox1004035d ago

I'd be buying it sometime soon but i just spent 200$ on AAA exclusives this fall.

Mr Face Creamer4035d ago

If you're worrying over spending 200$ on a collector's edition of Uncharted 2 then you will be more than miserable to know this phone costs a hefty 999$. Same old pricing from Phony.

likedamaster4035d ago

Way overpriced... as usual.

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The story is too old to be commented.