Infinity Ward: Kotick's a great guy

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Google Bobby Kotick and you'll quickly find that the gaming press tends to paint the Activision CEO in a pretty bad light. Ars Technica writes "Activision's Bobby Kotick brings cash, but not heart". "Bobby Kotick Wanted To Take All The Fun Out Of Making Video Games" Kotaku weighs in. "Bobby Kotick is the Devil" alleges Binge Gamer. I've personally even seen him drown puppies and steal candy from babies. Once, while in a particularly foul mood, he even left the toilet seat up. Sound like a pretty nasty guy? Well he's not, according to Infinity Ward.

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shadowfox3268d ago

Says the dog about the hand that feeds :P

donator3267d ago

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

gauntletpython3267d ago

Not sure how that saying applies here. Our enemy is Activision, but Infinity Ward obviously isn't our friend, nor is Activision their enemy :P

evrfighter3267d ago

not sure who they are trying to fool with this. The only people that will read about this are the people that already know who Bobby Kotick is.

Casual gamers (pretty much Activision's entire user base) don't give 2 sh*ts about CEO's...

presto7173267d ago

What did you really expect them to say?

Saaking3267d ago

Kotick is far from great. He is trying to ruin gaming for all of us. He's philosophy is"

"If you can't milk it, don't make it"

lve2playbball3267d ago

I guess I though the CEO was supposed to "run things" so that the company makes money. I might be wrong, but doesn't activision bring in a sh*t ton of revenue? We wouldn't want a company to make money of games now would we? And like someone else said...we wouldn't have ANY of the CODs if it wasn't for Activision. Kotick might be bad in some ways but he knows exactly what he is doing, and he is doing a good job of it. Now Activision is the new EA. People always want to criticize who is on top. Even though I agree with some of the critics, I can't deny that Kotick is doin big things for Activision. Every "gamer" thinks that developers are going to or are supposed to listen to everything they say/want. It is funny that people are "boycotting" MW2 and saying buy BFBC2 instead. Who publishes that game? Oh yeah it is EA, another hated giant in the gaming industry.

UltimateIdiot9113267d ago

You're obviously missing the point. A company does need to make money but a great company can make money and keeps their fan/customers happy. I know, a win win situation, scary isn't it? People only started criticizing Activision because all Activision was doing was making greed and hurtful move to the industry. If you look at EA, they've shaped up since 2007 because consumers complained. If you like getting rape by companies fine, but don't drag everyone down with you. A smart consumers know where to draw the line and say no when a business get out of line even if it means giving up a luxury for a while.

Sarcasm3267d ago

"Waffen SS: Hitler's a great guy"

ReservoirDog3163267d ago

This is just disgusting. But really, what else could they say?

UltimateIdiot9113267d ago

IW could have remained silent on that matter. Like the saying goes, it's better to be a fool and keep your mouth shut then to speak and remove all doubts.

badz1493267d ago

both are devils and only devils will say the other devil is good! maybe something like this:

evrfighter3267d ago

".we wouldn't have ANY of the CODs if it wasn't for Activision"

actually the saying should be

"we wouldn't have ANY of the CODs if it wasn't for pc gamers"

which tbh is the honest truth. It had to compete with cs, battlefield, day of defeat, unreal and Medal of Honor. Yet a pc community sprang up and supported this new company and their game.

AKNAA3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Lets ask Sony what they think of this Kotick guy shall we??

mastiffchild3267d ago

All it does is make IW's fall into corporate shilldom complete. We knew they were Kotick's puppets when they kept silent about the disgraceful attempt to lay the foudations for worldwide increased game prices(during a fekkin recession)by hiking them in the EU and on PC(just part of their exploitation of the divisions within the gaming community, mind-or two actually). We knew it when dedicateds for PC were dropped. We knew it when they then lied about why. We knmew it when they , again, lied about why. We knew it when they acted like some of their thickest fans and made a promo that made jokes with homophobic overtones.

So, yeah, IW, we get who you love and we get why and we get that the real people who pay your wages(esp those that got you where you are now-the PC community)and buy your games with their hard earned don't matter to you anymore. Thing is one day gamers will wake up and it won't just be a few like now who won't take anymore from you and your greed enfatuated masters led by the risable, crude Kotick(a man so unprofessional he had the gall and double standards to criticise Sony over PS3 pricing while making the most obviously empty threat in the history of gaming to boot AND while heading a company that routinely charges twice as much for Hero games and peripherals in the EU as in the US hwhile blaming(in the UK) a 15% VAT charge for all of it! He's a tool and laughs, all the way to the bank, at gamers every time he opens his mouth publicly. It's very crass to say some of the things he has about "deserving" more when undustries are going to the wal;l and gamers are losing jobs and taking cuts in pay AND paying less for nearly EVERY other luxury item vesides games-he should've been thankful but the fractured nature of the gaming community has been played perfectly by Acti and they've ridden roughshod over us!)

It REALLY winds me up that someone who so clearly revels(and says so!) in ripping us off gets away with it so easily. If only more of us woukld realise that we're being abused here. If we'd stood together when they made their attempts to exploit the differences between US and EU and PC and console gamers we'd not be seeing dedicated servers disappear or inflated charges anywhere-and they STILL have made a sh1tload of cash. So why couldn't we?

sikbeta3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Stop after reading the article tittle:

-Hahahahahahaha......hahahaha h ahaha

phone ringing

-what a....?... who is it?
-"(creepy voice) who laughs last laughs best"
-What?!...Hell No It can't be!!!
-Kockdick?...NO wait...Kodick?
-"Muahahahahahaha!!!!! muahahahahahaha!!!!!!
-B*tch.. you beat me
-"Yeah... now go buy me game"
-"ok, I lost"


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spongeboob3268d ago

What did anyone expect them to say, he is a big douche. The guys pays their salary of course they have to kiss his @ss.

blu_yu_away3268d ago

I wonder what kind of awful taste this statement must have left in his mouth?

Admiral_Benson3267d ago

Probably the taste of Bobby's ass considering the amount they are kissing it.

gauntletpython3268d ago

Say what you will, but his got a killer business instinct. He might draw the ire of gamers, but his investors certainly love what he's doing.

zoks3103267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Why should the every day gamer care about the business side of things? We are not an Activision investor.

I could care less about how good he does his job, we are customers of his products, and right now as a customer im pissed because i have to pay $60 for the Steam version of his games in the NA and 45 Euros in Europe, a game that is so gimped that it is not even worth spending our time and money on, and why is that, when his games are no different from other games on the market?

Screw Bobby Kotic, he is stealing money from people plain and simple, he deserves to burn in hell.

gauntletpython3267d ago

I'm not saying every day gamers should. I am saying that if Activision DIDN'T make money, we wouldn't get kick ass games like Call of Duty.

CrippleH3267d ago

We're gamers we don't give a dam about investors.

interrergator3268d ago

wat do I THINK OF HIM??? hmmm so many things that are not good theres your answer

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