Sacred 2 Ice and Blood Hits Steam This Week

The US launch of the Ice and Blood expansion for action RPG Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has been confirmed for a Steam release this week.

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Nihilism3268d ago

don't buy this expansion, sacred 2 on pc is the glitchiest game of all time so much so that i can no longer get it to install. DRM finally got me. Check the official forums before even thinking about it. The developer went bankrupt and only a few staff remained to finish the expansion. There will likely be no future patches etc, and considering how bad the first one is ( and this one is judgig by the forums) then give it a miss.

SaiyanFury3268d ago

I tried it on the PC and ultimately got it for my PS3. The game has never crashed and if it becomes available on the PSN, I might just see fit to pick it up.

adsaidler3268d ago

i played sacred 2 on the pc first and had no problems at all. just apply all the patches before playing

tactician936123267d ago

Ur kidding, right !? Now what ??? :(

Nihilism3267d ago

I told you, a POS, it was probably so broken and steams customer support probably got raped so they pulled it.