The Best Xbox 360 RPGs Available Right Now

After last week's look at the Best PS3 RPGs Available Right Now, RPGSite do the same for Microsoft's console, which has seen a good number of console exclusive RPGs in its lifetime so far as well as a number of fantastic multiplatform titles.

The most interesting thing here is the ratio of Western to Japanese - opposite here to what it was on the PS3. Clearly the Xbox 360 has done a good job as establishing itself as a go-to machine for Western-made RPGs, as despite having a number of high quality Japanese titles on the machine including Tales of Vesperia, The Last Remnant and Star Ocean: The Last Hope, only one JRPG made it onto this list, muscled out by the Western competition.

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Cold 20003269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Yeah same as my top 3

1- Lost Odyssey

2- Mass Effect

3- Fable 2
And Borderlands shouldnt be on the list at all.

By the way whats taking Mistwalker so long ?! Give it to us already !

Xeoset3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Aha, I think it is the same for most when it comes to the top three.

Seriously can't believe how underrated Blue Dragon is as well, I'm loving it!

Mistwalker are already working on their next Xbox 360 masterpiece. Rumour is Cry On was cancelled to merge the concept with another idea. Sounds amazing and I can't wait to see some stuff.

Myst3269d ago

I agree, Lost Odyssey is definitely my top favorite and Mass Effect just as well.

Saaking3269d ago

I would put Fable II at number 1. But I can see how ME would get it.

Xeoset3269d ago

Yeah, you've ever touched an Xbox ;)

3269d ago
Cold 20003269d ago

Looks like Saaking used all his 7 accounts to disagree LOL.

Saaking3269d ago

I don't have multiple accounts. If you think I do, tell the admins to check.

Xeoset3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Looks like I hit a nerve.

The guy is as bad as LeonSKennedyFagface, GWAVE and GodMars and the rest.

Honestly though, take this site seriously or what? They're just toys.

Tony P3269d ago

Borderlands... I find it hard to consider the game an RPG alongside more traditional examples. Perhaps it's because I see RPGs as having more depth than just the loot table. I never considered Diablo much of an RPG either.

My favorite new RPG this gen is still Mass Effect. Having finally had a chance to play Fable 2, I found I didn't like it all that much.

gaffyh3269d ago

Mass Effect should be in the top 5, but it should NOT be number 1. Lost Odyssey is by far the best RPG available on 360, I'd probably put Mass Effect as number 2 in the exclusive list. But overall list would probably be:

1. Lost Odyssey
2. Tales of Vesperia
3. Fallout 3
4. Mass Effect

indysurfn3268d ago

as far as J-RPG's go the list should always start with Lost odyssey or blue dragon. They don't even has blue dragon in the list?! That game was the first game to cause the xbox360 to out sale the PS3 for a couple of weeks in Japan. How the heck does it not get listed? Sounds like the writer is out of touch of what is a JRPG. This site have a lot of Western ROG's they obviously love western RPG's to put lost odyssey as only number3 with no Blue dragon to compete with. That is all and good but please. Don't act like PS3 will have better RPG's oif you don't like these where are you going to find better ones? They are all coming to xbox360.

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Cmen3269d ago

Dragon Age...I know its multi platform but its a great game.

AP3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Dragon Age is mentioned, but it says because the PC version is so far superior it missed the list for Xbox, which is fair comment. The game rocks but is way better on PC.

3269d ago
densai3269d ago

last weeks ps3 list was better but what do you expect?

RockmanII73269d ago

Switch Fable 2 with Elder Scrolls
move Fallout 3 to #4 (removing boarderlands from the list)
their you go

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