PSLS Retrospective - 10 Best RPG Openings on PS2

PlayStation LifeStyle writes

"When people think about RPG's they usually think about the great story lines, the unique characters or the fun combat and exploration. But another thing that most RPG's have in common is a great introduction."

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ps3gamerkyle3976d ago

I always love these retrospectives.

Lifewish3976d ago

thanks bro, it's always fun doing them and looking back a bit at your gaming history

PixlSheX3976d ago

Glad to see KH2 opening in there. Utada Hikaru's music is awesome!

Lord_Ranos3976d ago

Simple and Clean from KH: Chains of Memory is the best!!

solideagle13976d ago

should also include shadow hearts: covenant one of the best RPG in lst generation........ i have not seen or heard anything about the next generation shadow hearts.


dopeboimagic923974d ago

Great article. Just goes to remind us that the PS3 needs more RPGs!