Activision 'Drumming' Up New Hero Game

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Guitar Hero is the third highest selling franchise of all time, right behind Mario, and Madden, both of which have become house hold names. The massive sales and immediate popularity after it's original release back in 2005 have sparked numerous music-based "Hero" games with the hopes of having similar success. DJ Hero and Band Hero both released this fall, but it looks like Activision is planning yet another "Hero" title already.

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RKRigney3265d ago

The tits of the Guitar Hero franchise have been milked so heavily that they're now saggy and unappealing to me.

DasBunker3265d ago

i want an ocarina hero ASAP!!

Blaze9293265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Really?...REALLY!? Are you freakin' kidding me!? Oh wow.

Might as well go down the instrument list activision! Piano Hero is next, I know it.....although being a Piano fan I wouldn't actually mind that >_<

Saaking3265d ago

Ok, if there's drum sets in BOTH Band Hero and Guitar Hero wtf is the point of Drum Hero?

The Great Melon3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

@BaseballFan15 and DasBunker

Watch out, Nintendo loves its peripherals. They just might do it. All I wonder is where you'll insert the wiimote.

saint_john_paul_ii3265d ago

"i want an ocarina hero ASAP!!"

im pretty sure playing Dragonforce on that would be ridiculous..

ReservoirDog3163265d ago

Though I cannot stand activision I wouldn't mind a piano. They'd be able to do Pink Floyd songs finally.

But I still wouldn't get it. Unless it's Rockband.

sikbeta3265d ago


Activision announce Rumba Shakers Hero 2010 release

xTruthx3265d ago

LOL this is too funny and sad at the same time

Alvadr3265d ago

What do people do with all these plastic instruments laying about the house?

zeeshan3265d ago

For the love God! Have mercy! This is getting rediculous. Instead of supporting new IP, they keep producing sequels of the same game over and over again. What's next? Audio Hero? You set up speakers and everything? God damn!

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BigPete79783265d ago

I am getting so burnt on these music titles. There are just too many in my opinion.

T3mpr1x3265d ago

It better not require yet another peripheral hahaha.

Sev3265d ago

Next we'll have Piano Hero and you'll have to buy a $2000 175 lb Piano peripheral.

Erotic Sheep3265d ago

Which comes with a tiny plastic bag to store it in of course.

Actually.. how about Plastic Bag Hero? O_o

Bnet3433265d ago

I'm waiting for Kazoo Hero. Yeah, it will be raw and sexy.

RockmanII73265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

That would be Sick

itsralf3265d ago

These rhythm games need to come to an end.

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The story is too old to be commented.