GeneralGames: Lips Number One Hits Review

It's unfortunate that the release of Lips: Number One Hits is marred with so many dramatic missteps as it really could have been a great entry point for newcomers to the series. However, the game manages to create value conflicts with new users who don't get a great value as they must by another mic just to use the game as it's intended. Existing users are also value-challenged being unable to import their songs and getting very few new features.

As an enhancement from the first game the user interface changes are welcomed, but it's so similar mechanically to the first it makes no sense to pick the game up lest you're a huge Lips who's not satisfied with the existing DLC offers. Until iNiS and Microsoft Game Studios publish either a dual-microphone bundle for new users or enable song importing from the first game only the most dedicated Lips fans should consider the game.

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