Developer says Xbox 360 3D Dot Game Heroes possible

Don't give up hope just yet on an Xbox 360 version of 3D Dot Game Heroes. It looks like the game's development studio, Silicon Studios, has nothing against porting the title over.

My Game Flash visited the studio last month and quizzed producer Hiroyuki Misawa on a number of issues, including the chance for a 360 version. Said Misawa of a possible port, "We can do it. Our libraries are multiplatform, so it would be possible to make it for 360." Asked if there are actually plans to release the game on 360, Misawa said, "It's up to From. We're a developer, so if there's a call to make it, I believe we can do it."

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tatotiburon3266d ago

can't care more less....the biggest rip-off ever

Baliw3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Some say rip-off...
I say homage.

There's a bunch of guys, like me, that still want their RPGs in plain 2d.
Something is missing in this new school RPGs.

btw, funny interview.

Saaking3266d ago

This is very bad news. I want the game to be all it can be not some gimped game.

iamtehpwn3266d ago

This is really a Japan-targeted game that will have Western release.
They will be concentrated on the Japanese market more than anything, which suggests it remaining as an exclusive.

AllroundGamer3266d ago

the biggest rip-off ever? i thought that achievement goes to Halo ODST...

Cold 20003266d ago I the only one who has never heard about this game ?

El_Colombiano3266d ago

Guys don't listen to this tool.

Eamon3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )


you have a serious problem with the 360 don't you?

How is a game like that going to be gimped?

I suggest seeing a therapist.

Edit: I'm starting the think the disagrees I get are due to my profile pic of Masterchief. If I change it, would I see a change? Seriously, can any sane and knowledgeable individual possibly think a game like that will be gimped if it was made for 360. I can understand FF13 or whatever but please, I presumed the insanity and stupidity of fanboys had a limit.

D4RkNIKON3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I might just be a bigger PS3 fanboy than you and even I think your comment was weak. The game is already complete, they would be porting it to the 360. I myself can't wait for this game to hit the states!

Edit @ below - lol

Greywulf3266d ago

Right... its not a shooter, so you haven't a single clue what it is.

raztad3266d ago

This game would be serious flop on the xbox, for good evidence see tiburon and cold commments. I doubt it is gonna happen.

Cold 20003266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Funny thing is take away Halo 3 that I got a year ago I dont have any shooters on my 360.

Sorry people but I got a life, I dont spend 24/7 on N4G defending the honor of a console like you do.

Get a job, get yourself some friends, get a girlfriend, go to college or something and you'll see it can get pretty tough keeping up with news :)

Foliage3266d ago

Yeah Saaking, that comment was on the level of a 360 fanboy. Let's not go down to their level of delusions.

N4PS3G3266d ago


that was lameee and weak lol

this game was done completely on ps3 and it's out on japan ..that means it's 100% done. Porting it won't change a thing. Be a better fanboy..add some logic to your comments ;)

Cold 20003266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

And from what I can see Saakings never heard about it either lol.

Quick, Greywulf! Raztad! Looks like your fellow PS3 fanb0y doesnt know anything else but shooters :)

gaffyh3266d ago

I just want it out in English ASAP, game looks great to me. Nothing wrong with being a Zelda clone, if the game will end up being great, although I'm also waiting for Spirit tracks.

sikbeta3266d ago

Stupid move if they do that, It'll be like The JRPGs released on xbox

No FanS Land3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

this game on 360 could be very well possible. After all even though it has pretty graphics, i'm not too sure it pushes the PS3 like unchrted would do.

However just like some others mentioned, it wouldn't make any sense from a business point, with only about a 1m+ consoles in japan, this limits the potential sales it has, and this isn't the type of game that would cater this much for the 360 userbase in the states. (maybe more europe but I'm not going to speak for this region as I don't know the preferences)

By not any possibility can be game be gimped, not only is it complete, But I think it released this week.

NaiNaiNai3266d ago

LMFAO I remember some people here saying the 360 couldn't even render 1 pixel of this game. XD

WenisWagon3266d ago

So its getting beta tested on the ps3. Good to know that we 360 owners will get the unbuggy/unglitchy version.

DaTruth3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Because that equals two level headed comments I've seen recently from Cold.

We should try not to bash people when they are just having civil conversation about games!

Now logging into an article and proceeding to comment that you don't care, only begs the question; What are you doing here then! Bash him all you like, because he came here to troll!

@Eamon: I think you are right, because there are several comments below yours saying the same thing, with nothing but agrees.

Noctis Aftermath3266d ago

well this isn't a game pushing new graphical boundaries, and it isn't an IP that has been exclusive on the playstation, so i see no problem with it going to the 360, if anything it will increase the sales for this game that will more then likely sell no more then 1mil on the ps3.

I just can't see the appeal to the average gamer with this game.

DelbertGrady3266d ago

Lots of people on here are fully convinced that the PS3 is 10 times stronger than the 360. They tend to ignore that a fair share of multiplats perform better on the 360 and point to exclusives, even though we don't know if games like Uncharted 2 look like they do because of the PS3 hardware or because of the devs behind it.

table3266d ago

can I take that as you complimenting the ps3 in that they have great devs? ;)

D4RkNIKON3266d ago

You do realize that having better looking multiplats doesn't sell the system right? The games are still 99% the same game and we get to enjoy it too while you don't get to play uncharted (and others but I wont list them) on your 360. I know 360 has it's own exclusives but I just don't personally <-(key word here) find them as interesting or technically up to par with PS3 exclusives.

Why o why3266d ago

not a 10 x gap.....just better.

DelbertGrady3266d ago

Yes I do. Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Guerrilla etc are all amazing devs.

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Natsu X FairyTail3266d ago

I thought this was only possible thanks to the Cellzzzzz.

f1ck outta hea with that weak sh1t.

Bring on the game.

callahan093266d ago

What the hell are you talking about? I've never heard anybody say this game couldn't be done on the 360.

3sq3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Open Zone is that way --->

Edit: "go check out the page when the game 1st got announced with the Trailer ." and you believed them? LOL

It's clearly that 3D Game Heroes could be done on any platform. LOL

Natsu X FairyTail3266d ago

"What the hell are you talking about? I've never heard anybody say this game couldn't be done on the 360."


go check out the page when the game 1st got announced with the Trailer .

look @ the comments.

General Pinky3266d ago

SDF think that the ps3 cell is the holy sh**...but they dont know anything about hardware...just watch 2010...the power of the
sorry...but i just finding these guys funny today

Baliw3266d ago

Tales of Natsu X FairyTail Vs. The World.

Keep trying!

callahan093266d ago

Is this the page you're talking about, Natsu? Over 150 comments on the article for the debut trailer. I perused them. Didn't notice a SINGLE instance of somebody saying it couldn't be done on the 360, or any mention of "the cell." Not even in the open zone! So I repeat: what the hell are you talking about?

Natsu X FairyTail3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

You Guys Steady Saying LIES.

Saaking - 53 days 15 hours ago

9 -
Amazing! AAA! Only possible on PS3.

ssipmraw - 54 days 6 hours ago

6.2 -
HAHAHA a single Block from this game couldnt possibly fit on a DVD-9

Godmars2903266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Does it completely not register that the people you're using as examples of extreme PS3 fanboys *aren't* the ones you're talking to?

Of course you're going to find someone who'll say "only on *MY* console!" Hell, you're one of those people.

As far as we know LBP and MGS4 cold be done on the 360, the question is could they be done on the 360 in their current unmodified forms.

Why o why3266d ago

what a series of fail comments.
1stly That '1' comment is clearly jerking your chain and only a gullible guy would listen to that.

2ndly that '1' person doesnt speak for all of us. Imagine us painting all 360 owners with the same brush because of something pp said back in the day...

killzone 2 = teh celllllll

3d dot heroes = taking the mickey aka a JOKE

know the difference

sinncross3266d ago

They use game engines that can be be used on both the 360 and PS3.

Lets just say that the CELL really does make games only possible on the PS3, then that doesn't matter cause clearly multiplatform libraries are not taking that into account much.

sikbeta3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

"Saaking - 53 days 15 hours ago

9 -
Amazing! AAA! Only possible on PS3"


Because is EXCLUSIVE lol

Bodyboarder_VGamer3266d ago

Natsu and Nai try too hard and fail even harder. xD

DaTruth3266d ago

I would have taken that as a joke! I actually am probably in that articles comment section taking it as a joke!

WildArmed3266d ago

power of the celllzzz

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PISSIO3266d ago

So waiting for better version on xbox 360, sorry PS3 another exclusive....... :((((( :..,-_

No FanS Land3266d ago

I don't wanna act fanboyish but I find it ironic.
Tales of vesperia.
Star ocean.

nuff said.

DaTruth3266d ago

I was just thinking how much I hate that some of my responses to fanboys might sound fanboyish and how I would never say this stuff except in response to stupid fanboys!

I honestly don't know if it makes it okay!

WildArmed3266d ago

lol same. When you talk to an extremist, you seem to take the other extreme side. atleast tahts wat it looks like..

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Apocalypse Shadow3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

third parties can do whatever they want.ps3 gamers aren't that concerned when there is so much first party quality cool that from is bringing it over to ps3 just like demon souls,but it's not that big of a deal.

but the reason it IS on ps3 is because sony allows risks to be taken.a lot of games like last guardian,3d dot hero,flower,flow,pixel junk games,etc....WOULDN'T get authorized on themselves aren't risk takers as seen from the console alone.not just in games.or it wouldn't have had dvd stuck in it.

as for the cell processor...360 has YET to do folding at home for cancer,or black hole research,or run a bluray disc,or create a better picture like in toshiba's upcoming tvs,or stream multiple hd streams simultaneously like in toshiba's upcoming tvs with cell in it,or create games at the level of killzone2,uncharted 2 and GT5.that one chip is doing more than what's in that other system.

what's xenon doing? just does games powerful there.....

and why do ps3 gamers have to wait 5 years just to see 360's supposed power?shouldn't we be seeing it already?

OGharryjoysticks3266d ago

FROM software and SONY Japan Studios collaborated on the game so I doubt it ever releases on 360.

This 3D Dot game could I guess because Sony studios have no hand in it

Tex1173266d ago

This is exactly correct.

Stryfeno23266d ago

"But, but, but the Cell?"......"It only does Everything" Is that so?....Please keep that sh!t on the PSh!t 3.

OmarJA3266d ago

Won't happen before we get both ME2 & SCC on the PS3...

Can't blame the bots really, they've been crying lately from the lack of real exclusives on their cheap console.