COD: MW 2 Features No Ps3 Install

Well, today, I have gotten an early copy of Call Of Duty MW2, put the disk in and what do I find out?

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Megaton3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Well if there's one thing you can credit IW for, it's that they know their way around a PS3.

It's been awhile, but I think CoD4 was the same way. I know they had stated that each version was built from the ground up, no lazy porting.

ape0073295d ago

that mw2 ps3 blu-ray looks gorgeous

and about IW,they really knew the ps3 well

props to IW,gotta respect them guys

deadreckoning6663295d ago

Good Job IW! No worries about a bad port.

theEnemy3295d ago

sub-hd on both versions though.


Proxy3295d ago

Why use cheap, replaceable HDD space when the disk drive can do the work?

Guess the drive's replaceable as well though, just takes a hundred bucks, a call to Sony, and a few weeks.

ThanatosDMC3295d ago

I cant believe it's $150!

Razmossis3295d ago

There are lots of games that don't require install, I don't see why this is still relevant.

Pandemic3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

This still doesn't resolve the hate I have for Infinity Ward/Activision.

Seriously.. No dedicated servers for PC?

snipermk03295d ago

I'm with ya buddy.. I canceled my preorder for both the PS3 and PC version. Screw em.

Mindboggle3295d ago

Why does N4G hate MW2 and IW ?? They did a good job with this game, and its true, they know their way around the PS3 very well. Look at COD4 and COD5. They were both identical on PS3 and 360. It just shows what a great engine they've made.

mikeslemonade3295d ago

I prefer an install. When it comes down to what is better it is always better to have it on the HDD instead of the disc. The system can access data faster. I want the option to install all my games. Just like how it is on the 360.

Alvadr3295d ago

MW1 had no install either.. IW know what they are doing with the hardware

Cenobia3294d ago

The PS3 version didn't even have the ability to mute other players until like 3 months later.

Yeah...little annoying kids caught on a bit faster than that.

FACTUAL evidence3294d ago

I have MW2 right now, i'm on the favorite level so far.

randomwiz3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

call of duty 4 didn't have an install did it?

i didn't expect this game to have one either.

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Sevir043295d ago

not to mention they did a pretty good job on the COD4 for PS3... so it's no surprise.. still i'll be skipping MW2 till late next year... I just dont have the funds to buy it. i still have plenty of games i need to get through this holiday season and the there's the PS3 flood of games starting friom January all the way through summer.

deadreckoning6663295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

"well they did work with NaughtyDog so i'm sure some of that know how came off onto them"

LOL u had ta spin this somehow didn't ya. Nice execution btw. I woulda missed it if I hadn't looked hard enough. I agree with u on ur other point though. After hearing about the Bad Company 2 beta, I have no need to buy MW2 this year or any other game for that matter. Time ta start saving for next year.

The Wands
Bad Company 2
Splinter Cell: Conviction(PS3)
The Last Guardian
Shenmue 1 and 2 on PSN

And thats only the stuff I know about :)

3295d ago
Sevir043295d ago

if you had too look hard then it means that what every you were looking for wasn't there, which ultimately translates to You = Fanboy!!! because they always see things that arent there. I stated facts. and we've known for quite some time that ND games on PS3 didn't do installs, and we know that IW has been sharing tech back and forth with ND, AND we know that IW has got it's hand around PS3 since they did an awsome job with COD4... SOOO i can only assume that all that help make MW2 what it is today on the PS3...

Proxy3294d ago

Instead of having a "install screen", if you just put a spinning coin down in the bottom of the screen for 2 minutes the most everyone will think that there was no install.

Also, by making cut scenes non-skipable, you can fool everything into thinking there are no loading sequences as well.

I think Uncharted had great presentation, but I get tired of everyone touting it as a no install, no loading, game.

jmare3294d ago

No one ever said it was a no loading game. You can skip the cutscenes. There is no install, dumbass. There is no file on the hard drive from playing Uncharted 1 or 2. Maybe you should look up what install means. Furthermore, why is it a big deal? The games caches when you start and then streams from the disc as you play. Maybe you should stop being a Fighter Against Games and just enjoy them.

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JonnyBigBoss3295d ago

Well that's good I suppose.