Ubisoft is not satisfied with the sales of both the Ps3 and Xbox360

In an online interview done by , Ubisoft have revealed that they are not impressed by the sales of both the ps3 and the xbox360.Ubisoft also revealed that "Sony should calculate the price new soon, if they want to sell satisfying number of devices in this year still another. Microsoft by the way also."

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Ru4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Boy if I had A wooping Stick!
I can Understand what there saying, But C'mon how abouts if there were no Sony or MS... hmmmm!
Maybe if they dont like the sales they should re-assign there priorites to manufacture a better more affordable system?
No, im just joshin ya!
Ubisoft Kicks Arse!!!!

MaximusPrime4186d ago

Unisoft will say it in an opposite way. They will be not satisfied with Wii sales.

kewlkat0074186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

could you imagine a Wii Price Drop, and revamped productions?

It would sell just like the DS for sure(40 million and still going)...

I know everyone is telling UBI to shut up but it's not only 1 or 2 blockbuster games that sell consoles. Price is a big factor, yet people just think about a couple of games.

Not many games are system sellers, especially new IP's, nobody knows how they will fare.

Usually 2nd renditions can be system sellers because of the amount of hype after the first game.(if the game happens to be really good)
Only time can tell if sales will pick up and if strategies will change.

gta_cb4186d ago

i agree with kewlkat007 the Nintendo Wii is prob going to be here to stay especailly with a price cut. but i wont be buying one for me... doesnt mean i wont play one as i am sure my lil brothers will end up getting one.

dantesparda4186d ago

Wow! I actually agree with Kewalkat. And whats up with this gta_cb guy always posting with him? what are you two a couple or something? I know, i know, that was some really @ssholey-ish sh!t to say, but seriously. But what you said was actually pretty good. Btw, I also have my friends Wii here, and i gotta say that the controller feels really good, its just that none of the games l've played really use it well (except Wii sports, and even that is not perfect). It could be so much better. And they really need to do something about the graphics. I mean, it doesnt have to look as good as the big boys, but at least look better than the GC, PS2 and Xbox version, after all, it should at least be capable of doing that. But then again, it may not really be able to outperform the Xbox or at least not in all areas. I personally would really like to see them all do well.

solidt124186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

I expect them to not be satisfied with sales. they make games so they are only happy if the Systems sales are extremely high so they can make more money like the PS2 system sales. Thats why sony will keep the PS2 around because of the install base and some people just won't spend over $200 for a console so either way they can make money and give developers a choice to go next gen or last gen with games they make. Next gen games cost too much to make to not sell good.

PS360WII4186d ago

-admit they made mistakes by making cheap and poor wii ports, say they released them too fast; new wii software will be of higher quality

Hurray! Oh and yeah what are they mad at didn't they just post a nice profit this quarter or something? Haven't games they put out on 360 sold well? PS3 probably game them some change... my word

Shadow Flare4186d ago

ubisoft's always the glass half empty sort of people aren't they...geez

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