WTP Review: Madagascar Kartz

WTP writes: "Madagascar Kartz is a slapstick racing game featuring characters from the two Madagascar movies along with a few stars from other Dreamworks hits like Shrek and B.O.B. from Monsters vs. Aliens. As with other kart-style games, the races here include massive jumps, surprise shortcuts, plenty of turbo boosts, and a wide range of power-ups used to both speed up your kart and slow down other racers. Many of these power ups are characters based, including Alex's lion roar -- which causes opposing karts to spin out of control -- and Shrek's Swamp Gas -- which reduces the handling of anyone who hits it.

The game features both a single player option and a multiplayer mode for up to four racers at once. Players have several choices in both, the simplest of which are basic one-off quick races and time trials in which the point is to beat course time records. More in-depth is the Championship mode, where players work their way through a series of four progressively more powerful classes of racing karts. In the Checkpoint Race mode, players race around the tracks collecting hourglasses to keep the clock from reaching zero. And in the Move It! Move It! mode, four racers compete for the lead position in order to steal a disco ball and earn points -- the first up to 50 points wins. Across all these options there are more than 20 Madagascar themed courses to zip across, with wacky features like a massive shark that hops out of the water and across a beach in an attempt to smash your kart."

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