Less Than Five Days Until Modern Warfare 2: Why Failure Is Impossible [TGH]

Kanbu33 from TGH writes:
"Let me start by stating the obvious; this is a massive release across the major platforms, so big in fact that the release dates of several other shooters, such as "Singularity," have been pushed back into next year in order to keep the spotlight firmly on "MW2." Yet even if the game wasn't due out for another year, I'm almost certain that the fans would've happily played "COD4? just as religiously for all that time, and remained just as loyal to the sequel. In fact I'd hazard a guess that if on November 10th, Infinity Ward..."

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GR8 13321d ago

Another thing it's the best fps ever to come out.

D4RkNIKON3321d ago

you are a drone.. programed to fail

bitboi3321d ago

halo, golden eye, half life, metroid prime, counter strike, *insert fps here* fans would disagree with that statement lol

JeffGUNZ3320d ago

I personally think MW was the best FPS THIS generation. I think MW2 will take that throne, I guess I will know for sure this coming week. I really didn't like Halo too much, I tried to get into it, but it just wasn't for me. Metroid Prime was a fun game, but not nearly as addicting or exciting as MW. Again, that is just my personal opinion.

DonCorneo3320d ago

where i get 75% of my kills by randomly throwing grenades.

i remember topping a lot of domination game just by doing that.

is the 3x frag grenade perk back?

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D4RkNIKON3321d ago

The hype on this game is so blinding.. This game is riding the coat tails of COD4 and the hype alone will ensure this game will not fail. It is sad really, there is so much room for improvement for MW2 but it will just slide along as if it is perfect..

bitboi3321d ago

and why the hell does a game like this not have a cover system?

JeffGUNZ3320d ago

MW series is a run and gun type of game. A cover system will slow it down and take away from what they want. This isn't suppose to be a military sim., if you're interested in that, then OPeration flashpoint or even maybe battlefield games will probably fit you better.

I don't see your complaints with MW2? If they changed the whole thing around, people would complain. The first was addicting and fun, so I am excited they made it similar in that aspect. They had completely rebuilt the MP experience to exactly what it's community wanted. What improvements do you think should have been placed in this game?

mastiffchild3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

I don't see why this article was written. Was anyone suggesting that a game with record preorders in many countries was ever likely to fail? Talk about answering a question noone was asking!

Sadly, the fact that success was assured seems to have let some demons come out at IW and they've acted very poorly. They knocked Treyarch for no reason, said nothing when Acti started the EU only price hike(in an overpriced(already) area and in a recession with the intent of using the result to put up prices everywhere), upset their PC fans with the P2P disgrace(then lied about why which made it worse)and finally showed themselves up with a distasteful video among other mistakes. In short they believed their own hype and fawning press and turned out to be pretty arrogant guys-the outvurst about hating fanboys when the guy who said it is on revord hating the PS3 was another case of foot in mouth disease that's beset them since they began assuming way too much.

Yes, the game might well be good(not amazing from what we've seen but people like COD how it is so why would they push themselves-they really don't need to)but their actions, words(or lack of in some cases)have left me and many others unable to joinm in this time round and it's sad that this behaviour seems to be getting very widespread in the undustry of late. I won't reward IW when they act like tools just as I wouldn't T10 and both F3 and MW2 would have been preorders for me usually. Thing is the guy from Gearbox was badmouthing FO3 the other day, Valve are slagging off PSN users and even Sony themselves acted like arrogant braggarts at launch of the PS3 which meant I couldn't buy one until they sorted out their attitude-which they did but only after a press beating which none of the other cases have recieved. If the press won't do it we really should, imo, and I find it strange that so few people think this type of behaviour and treatment of gamers is fine.

We reap what we sow and by allowing this kind of thing to prosper we line up some really poor future treatment for ourselves.

bitboi3319d ago

I'm playing it right now and there are spots where you can't "run & gun"
hell even the first level you play, you're across a river and have to take out the enemy in order to advance. A cover system or even a lean function would be nice.

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TooTall193320d ago

I'm not burnt out on CoD, but MW2 could be my last CoD game if they don't get their act together.