PES is 'struggling', says EA boss

FIFA's arch virtual football rival PES is "struggling", EA reckons.

Why? According to EA UK boss Keith Ramsdale, it's because 2010 "is very much a FIFA and Call of Duty year".

"We've seen PES come. PES is struggling like most other non-mainstream franchises. This is very much a FIFA and Call of Duty year. There is quality product out there that is failing in the marketplace that at any other time would perform very well. So it's a tough place, but FIFA is a beneficiary of that, and we're really pleased with how FIFA's coming along."

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nix3296d ago

well.. if your game sales at half the rate in the opening week, everyone will buy it. don't boast about the metacritic, we all know how many bugs were there in the FIFA this time.


i've always hated FIFA. PES 5 was the shizzle though, i wonder whats gone wrong with it since then.

Yi-Long3296d ago

... sadly the last few years Konami has dropped the ball, EA picked it up, and ran with it.

FIFA is now better than PES. For many, that's the simple truth. Fifa is just more enjoyable and less frustrating. Plus the licenses and presentation etc is much better than Konami's PES.

It's a shame though. Like many I was always a huge fan of the ISS/PES series, and to see a series decline in quality like that, it's just sad.

I also don't understand why Konami released an extremely bad demo for PES10. Everyone who was still on the fence about buying the game, was surely put off by the non-responsive poor demo. The asian demo was a bit better, but how many western fans actually tried that!?

I keep hoping Konami will get back to producing a quality football game... but each year it just seems less likely, and now with FIFA being a great game in it's own right, maybe Konami needs to rethink it's strategy a bit...

Tomdc3295d ago

Fifa has the name, everyone recognises it, whereas PES doesn't exist outside the gaming world! I have always bourght fifa and all of my friends buy it. Dunno a single person that has bought a PES game ever!

Wh15ky3295d ago

PES 4 and 5 were the best in the series. Although PES 2010 isn't as great as them it's still more fun than FIFA. I haven't played FIFA 2010 but I do have FIFA 2009 and gameplay-wise it's very dull.

The best football game this gen IMO is PES wii. If those controls are implemented in the PS3 version of PES 2011 when Sonys motion controls are introduced then PES will be back on top.

badz1493295d ago

you have a great franchise that is improving and very good which is FIFA but don't go and bash anything not yours! don't pull a "turn 10" here please! PES is good in its own way and have dedicated fans! my brothers prefer PES while I prefer FIFA so, I have them both! I play FIFA on PS3 because on PC, it just feels 'off' but my brothers play PES on PC because that's the best version with rooster updates and patch etc!

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Marty83703296d ago

PES was riding high at the top of the charts. It's doing just fine.

xg-ei8ht3296d ago


Venatus-Deus3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

There is no bigger PES fan than me. I have bought every single one since the PS1. More hours of my life has gone on that game than any other activity I have ever done (which is kind of sad).

There are however so many times that you can play your mates or the computer. FIFA10 delivers an online service that PES isn’t even close to. There are also issues with the new PES AI which very skills players will notice. Play the game on the hardest settings and the AI cheats like no other PES before. This has always been a small issue, however with PES10 these details are now a massive problem. If the computer attacks I now have defenders running out of defence to leave massive gaps (I can’t switch to them to stop it), players become unresponsive, Woodgate is 2x faster that Walcott, Bentley is 2x faster than Clicy. If the computer attacks down the wings, you can never switch to your fullback so you have to bring the CB across, thus leaving gaps.

Graphics update is nice but PES is dead. Seabass! SORT THE ONLINE OUT OR GIVE THE GAME TO SOMEONE WHO CAN!!!!!!

I can over look everything else.

Cold 20003296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Well Im glad PES is suffering at retail. Its about time Konami step their game up.

EA have done a lot of work with Fifa; improving it year after year while Konami just feed us the saame old stuff and they dont even bother fixing it.

mastiffchild3296d ago

FIFA cheats just as badly fella,just as badly. Switching to the defender you expect is like roulette when the AI wants a late winner/equaliser.

Totally agree about the pace of players in PES though. I don't find Woodgate any faster than Walcott but, granted he shouldn't be anywhere near-they can fix that with a patch anytime though and prolly will.

I felt similar to the way you do intil I'd played a LOT of matches and now I can't be arsed with FIFA anymore(cannot stand the arbitrary keepers anymore and at least when, in PES 2008 they were all pan handed you knew where you were!)-mainly because of all the online whining "win babies" playing as Barca all the time and crying when you beat them(esp as Unirea or Apoel or someone odd). Hopefully if Konami tighten up the online and without these fools I'll be able to play some games for, you know, fun this year but so farr they're all I've met on FIFA and I'm very bored of Barca and Utd.

Honestly, though, I don't see why FIFA is better at all and really think it's a matter of playing for a bit longer with this years PES before judging it. I thought FIFA was better than PES last year(for prolly the first time)but not this time-not really.

BTW I only play as a single player on either so can't comment on Be a Pro or anything this year but I still think PES is a little better overall for what I play.

rekonizakilla3295d ago

Trust me when I tell you that pes is as solid as a rock online now.
The thing you need to remember is that all good pes games start out really tuff, but you just gotta put the hours in.
The stratagy options are really effective, and for the first time in a few years an improvement has been made. Keith Ramsdales reasons for predicting week sales for pes is a valid one, but read the review from this site for the game and you'll see it's neither fair or true.
I bought fifa for the last two years and guess what, I took it back to the shop and got pes instead. The worst pes(pes09/08) is better than the best FIFA.

Venatus-Deus3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I know FIFA cheats and so does the old PES’s, but PES 2010 is just silly. This is the first time I felt the cheats where cheap shots and very obvious. Both games have their faults, but it’s online where the future of football games are. I can overlook all the imperfects of each game, but not when it comes to actually playing somebody else online.

FIFA is different and not better than PES. PES I will always be my ture love and FIFA just feels like an affair.


PES online is not rock solid. It lacks in every department from options to game types. FIFA can lag and so to can PES (which has got better), but so does every game. It’s the whole online experience. It’s probably just a cultural thing. The Jap development teams have been slow to adopt these features and it’s now showing.

I can pick any PES game up, play on the hardest settings and win from day one. It’s not just a question of it being tuff.

“The worst pes(pes09/08) is better than the best FIFA.“ –

Come on dude... really?

“I bought fifa for the last two years and guess what, I took it back to the shop and got pes instead”

No you didn’t... two years in a row with both games having demos. That would make you really really stupid and I’m sure you’re not.

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Official General3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I live in London and only just yesterday, I went to the GAME store in the West End, which is pretty much the largest video game store in central London. I bought Fight Night 4 and Call of Duty WAW and I had also planned on buying PES 2010. But guess what? PES 2010 was totally sold out. From a glimpse of this, it sure dont look like PES 2010 is struggling to me.

Venatus-Deus3296d ago

Thats because mugs like me keep buying it. Keep hoping. maybe next year I'll learn.

TOO PAWNED3296d ago

I got PES2010, and it is crap....same crap, nothing new. Fake names of most national team players and just players overall, it is joke.
I never liked FIFA, but i played Fifa 2010, got it from a friend for 2 days and yes it is better, it's much bigger game, has better graphics, AI is not ridiculous like in PES2010, on harder difficulties AI tackles you like nuts and there is no foul hahaha go read forums, it's not just me people complain about this.
Every year PES loses on popularity, we witnessed that in last 4-5 years, while FIFA goes up, that is ludicrous to me since FIFA was garbage just up to few years ago.
FIFA 10 for PS3 in Europe sold 1 million in first week, they deserve it. next year i will get FIFA ....can't believe i am saying this.

terrorofdeath3295d ago

All the hardcore PES fans (like me) will remember the countless hours spent changing the names and flags. We do not really mind about the licenses, its all about the gameplay.

FIFA really has grown over the years and its disheartening to see that PES has had a slow transition to current gen gaming. They just need some time but not too much as many PES fans are slowly converting. IMO 2011 is going to be the year PES strikes back. PES 2010 has made improvements, i think they have learned much from 2010 and PES 2011 is going to be a major change, I can see it.

Lex Luthor3295d ago

Yep, pretty much. FIFA is king this season.

Redempteur3295d ago

Lol the first to talk is always the one who is really worried ...

PES doesn't have to talk to sell ..and you know what PES2010 is better than pes2009..

PES might be "strugling " for EA but EA is still fearing PES to the point of talking about it ...

It remind me of turn 10 studios really ...

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