Washington as MASTER CHIEF?

Well, according to rumours around the net, Denzel Washington may be up to Direct or even be Master Chief. Apparently Washington is signed up to for a Peter Jackson project, with Halo the only one anyone can think of.

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shotty6553d ago

We need someone abit younger but he's pretty good. The guy from 24 would also be good but he doesn't look strong. They should have had Westney snipes or maybe Bruce Willis. And for the love of God please DON'T get the rock.

FreeMonk6553d ago

I think they need to go for the approach the did with Superman and get an unknown young actor.

Master Chief is bigger than an actor, and the actor bigger than master chief.

I'd rather see Halo The Movie on the poster than "Some famous actor as Master Chief in...Halo"

PLUS..more than likely, your not going to see the chief's face anyway, so anyone could play it. They should keep the voice of the orignal chief anyway from the games or they'd sound weird.

It's be weird if they changed the voice of Snake in MGS wouldn't it!? So the same applies here!

andy capps6552d ago

I agree with the first part, they need to find an unknown actor that could handle it. Denzel Washington is a great actor, but I agree that getting a big name star may be distracting. At the same time, almost every video game adaptation has been horrible, mainly for the fact that they haven't had an A list director, and an A list cast. This may be exactly what the video games to movies genre needs. So maybe I don't agree with you, but if Denzel Washington is in it, I'm sure that he would do a great job. I haven't really seen him be in a bad movie yet. A couple have been average storylines, but he's always done a great job with his part in them.

Marriot VP6553d ago

LOL, really. If he is master chief I won't complain. But if he's Johnson I'll fall over laughing in delite.

Alright definate people who would make this movie suck is Bruce willis, wesley snipes, or the rock. There's so many more to include, but bottomline is we don't need a mediocre and unbelievable performance from over the hill actors like bruce willis.

Dick Jones6553d ago

It might not sound like a match for Master Chief, but I could get used to it. The guys a great actor.

MoonDust6552d ago

He was part of the voice group for Halo 2 and as you know the game did pretty good, it doesn't surprise me at all he is in the movie.

omansteveo6552d ago

Wouldnt he be the General Guy seems to fit to me he would be awesome as that dude

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Red Dead Redemption 1 Isn't As Good As People Remember It To Be

RDR 1 was a great game, but the lack of screen time for some characters, boring horse riding, and lack of mission variety takes away the fun at times.

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jambola16h ago

It's as good as you remember
Feels like one of those "10 HARSH realities of Re-watching" articles

just_looken7h ago

I love how it seems a extreme few remember that red dead redemption is red dead revolver 2.

red dead revolver now that is rough red dead redemption for its time was groundbreaking and it still has way better cover system/dlc/mp content then red dead 2.

I remember all the bugs the game had day one like donkey lady so dam funny

Cacabunga30m ago

RDR1 is a legendary game!!!

Really how to cope with a slow news day…

shinoff218315h ago

Junk article. Game was dope and still is. The swimming part sucks though.

just_looken7h ago

It does but the game was made originally for ps2 back after san andreas so for the dev window and timeline it makes sense.

-Foxtrot54m ago

I liked it a bit better because I didn’t think it had many “small nitpicky” things RDR2 had that on its own meant nothing but when a lot built up it was annoying. For example getting off your horse and you had to reselect your weapons again or walking around the camp slowly. None issues but built up with others sometimes it was a little frustrating at times.

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Meet The Solo Dev Whose Sega Rally Tribute Could Become An Official Sequel

When the first footage of Over Jump Rally appeared online, it rightly caused quite a stir. Created using Unreal Engine 5, it offered a tantalizing glimpse of what a modern-day Sega Rally could look like, complete with super-realistic car models, breathtaking environments and – of course – the trademark Sega Blue Sky.

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darthv7216h ago

Oh man.... this looks so damn good.

ApocalypseShadow4h ago

Well done and great potential for a tribute.

Hey Dev, would you happen to be a fan of Skies of Arcadia? Lol


Scandalous recruitment standards in a Polish studio. A strip session in the background

Adrian Chmielarz, a famous game creator, revealed shocking details about recruitment in one of the Polish development studios. He shared a story on his Facebook that sparked community outrage among both players and industry professionals.

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gold_drake1d 16h ago

i dont see how that is so outrages.