GameStop Survival Guide

Gamespy writes:

Battling the hordes of shoppers, holiday seasons, and seasonal influenza we march on through the jungle of commerce towards the ultimate prize: New Game Day. For some of us this day is a rarity and understandably so, with the economy being in the dumper. But what if there was a way -- a handy guide, perhaps -- to coast through the consumerism and avoid the headaches and hurdles of the holidays? Now there is. So polish your luckiest pair of boots, zip up your over-sized jackets and get ready for the smell of fresh plastic tearing open on a crisp winter day.

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NewScratch3359d ago

ignoring the clerk selling you a pspgo cradle, the same guy who sold you a pspgo the day prior, when he asks:

"so why did you buy a pspgo? no, seriously i'm curious why someone would buy one of those."

screw you business near my house. i'm going to the sony store from now on.

Cliff Forster3358d ago

Seriously, why do they sell those. Hey, here is hardware that cuts us out of the software business.... Bad long term business strategy?