Ghostbusters developer working on AAA Natal game

Developer Terminal Reality has revealed via their recent job postings that they're developing a game for Microsoft's Natal. The game which is being called a AAA project (that means it could be a blockbuster and will have major backing on all fronts) is an action/adventure game and besides that no other details are known.

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Natsu X FairyTail3359d ago

If it's not coming in 2010 I dont give a Eff

albert_2753359d ago

Wow, Natal has a lot more support from developers than I thought. Though I'm skeptical of how the controls will work out, I'm sure the games will turn out great.
And Microsoft is COMPLETELY banking on this to be the next biggest thing. They'll do whatever it takes to have it succeed. Hopefully that includes actually having good games for it rather than deceptive marketing.

jahcure3359d ago

Wasn't ghostbusters supposed to be AAA? How do people get off calling something AAA before it's even shown? I could remember too human being AAA as well and I was one of the unfortunate ones who fell for it and bought it

Sonyslave33359d ago

i can't wait natal is going to be awesome.

PandemicPrawn03359d ago

Developers seem really positive so far.

Natal might be able to please both the hardcore and casual gamer.

early days yet.

sofocado3359d ago

Do you think Too Human 2 will come out?

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