Hexus: Mini Ninjas Review

Hexus writes: "Mini Ninjas is a kid-friendly, third person, action adventure set in Feudal Japan that stars six tiny ninjas hoping to bring peace back to a world full of chaos.

The Evil Samurai Warlord has kidnapped your friends and it's up to you to rescue them by travelling the lands and killing any samurai that stand in your way."

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DaTruth3271d ago

Can't imagine what in that review justifies "THE LOWEST REVIEW SCORE EVER GIVEN TO ANYTHING, ANYWHERE!!!!!"

Other than a typo!

tda-danny3271d ago

In the review, the score is 7/10, not 7/100. The submitter made a mistake.

"Though the potential of the Mini Ninjas hasn't been fully realised this time around (we are looking forward to a sequel), its bright, visual charms, captivating audio and enjoyable exploration, should be enough to keep the kids happy for a fair few hours. Ninjas are supposed to be killing machines, but you'll just want to pick and cuddle these little dudes.

Final Score : 7/10"