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RedPawn3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Who honestly didn't see this coming, Oh well, good stuff all around.

ps3ftwin3272d ago

this will be perfect once i am done with dragon age.

wish it was earlier so steam would have had it on the holiday discount period.

toaster3272d ago

There goes my social life.

I'll be drooling over the extra content.

Nihilism3272d ago

yay now my non-refundable deposit on my regular edition pre-order is either lost, or i'm stick with the gimped version

LostCypher113272d ago

what kinda place takes a non-refundable deposit? I lay out about 10 preorders a year. and i'm always going in and changing them up as i learn more about certain games

IdleLeeSiuLung3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I would never do business with those guys, although Toys R'us did try to pull that on me, but I think it was more the employee than the store.

I wonder if this is a tin box just like the first Mass Effect LE? I hate those tin-boxes and prefer the steel book cases.

Nihilism3271d ago

it's with GAME, it's an online sale.

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foxtheory3272d ago

I'll think about picking up this version. I don't usually get collector's editions, but I can make an exception for ME2 (and GoW3 for that matter).

foxtheory3271d ago

Thanks a bunch!! I will definitely pick this up then!!

MetalGearRising3272d ago

Day 1 purchase (xbox360 only console of choice for real gamers) jump in don't get left behind.

champ213272d ago

there were reports out xbox overheats while playing this game.

if i had an xbox id stay far far away from this game, no point frying the system over it.

the superior pc version comes tax free run @60fps+

and costs 49usd :P

Delta3272d ago

Yea this game is a day one game.

Erich Rhoemer3272d ago

lol you cant even afford a 360 kid

Bigbangbing3272d ago


depends on what kind of system you have, you could be playing it at 120fps or 24fps.. and I hope this time bioware gets the pc ver right, unlike the first which was a poor port with a lot of performance glitches :\ DID NOT enjoy the pc ver even though I was playing it at 1080p... thank god I played the 360 ver first.

champ213272d ago

even a pc 3yrs old built right will play this game @ 45-60fps.

now if your pc is beyond 3 yrs old then a new setup is required, or maybe a 150usd gpu upgrade will do.

xbox 360 is essentially a 3 yr old dumped down pc. which is why it plays the game at around 25-30fps.. the last ME on xbox even had fps issues.

this one overheats it from the the beta reports.. lets hope we dont get more rrod cases.

chrisulloa3272d ago

Yes, I really want to pay 150 dollars for a CPU and probably another 100 dollars for RAM and more money on a new graphics card. It's not always that simple, a lot of people don't have tricked out computers to run games smoothly. That's what consoles are for, primarily to play games.

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divideby03272d ago

releasing on same day as MAG aint a coincidence

Delta3272d ago

It is? Thats funny.
ill have to get MAG and this. :)

tdrules3272d ago

You're inferring they compete in retail when:
a) they're on separate systems, people will get the game that is available on their system.
b) gameplay wise they're different, ME2 is completely offline

Gobot3272d ago

I'll be getting dis shiiiiiiii day one. =)

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