What Has the Wii Done Right?

The Little white box has sold incredible numbers. How?

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Wiigamer4963272d ago

nice article but still, with wii2 probably cumin soon, i feel betrayed, nothing for hardcore..

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gamevibe3272d ago

yeah, they seriously got to pull their tails up!

Shnazzyone3272d ago

A positive wii article?!?!?!? Didn't see that coming. Oh well d-bag haters will move in in notime with the same copy and paste comments they have for ever wii news topic. BTW... people who call themselves hardcore... are porbably gay or something. This assumption is based off of throuough observation of the demographic. They seem to like sweaty men in war situation hold big phallic guns... totally gay.

Gen0ne3272d ago

You've obviously put some serious time and thought into your revolutionary new theory. Well done. The jig is up hardcore homosexuals! Find somewhere else to hide, we're on to you now.

Barragan3272d ago

thats what it did right

Sitdown3272d ago

instant money making machine; and the fact that it appears Microsoft and Sony are scrambling to increase motion devices also speak to Nintendo doing something right.

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The story is too old to be commented.