GameSpot: Band Hero Review

GameSpot writes: "Just two months after the release of Guitar Hero 5, Activision has rolled out Band Hero. These two games are functionally the same, so Band Hero benefits from all the improvements that made Guitar Hero 5 so great, including the excellent new Party Play mode. However, Band Hero is aimed at a more specific demographic than GH5, and this is reflected in the main difference between the two games: the songs. Band Hero's tracklist reads like a setlist for a DJ at a middle school dance; there's a lot of pop and Top 40 rock, with some R&B and oldies thrown in for good measure. Many of the songs are fun to play, though nostalgia and guilty pleasure are just as likely to play a part in your enjoyment. Despite the variety, the scope still feels a bit limited, and the censored song lyrics that concerned parents will likely appreciate may not go over as well with others. Still, there's no denying that there's a lot of fun music here, and even if you're not a big Taylor Swift fan, you'll still have a rockin' good time with Band Hero."

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