Australian Xmas 360 Bundle Announced

Microsoft Australia have just announced a special Christmas package for the Xbox 36 Elite. The bundle comes with Lego Batman, Pure, the 120GB hard drive, headset and wireless controller.

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Gandalf3270d ago

I would've been laughing if it was bundled with Left 4 Dead 2.

Feral Gamer3269d ago

I actually saw a L4D2 billboard in Minneapolis. I'd never seen a gaming billboard before! I almost stopped and took a photo with my mobile.

CraigGOA3270d ago

Good point, it is a real shame L4D2 is censored so much here in Australia. Back on topic, the bundle looks good for the price though.

MetalGearRising3269d ago

Jump in and join us in the ever expanding community on xbox live.

Sitris3269d ago

Gotta Pay 100$ for a year first :)

kenjix3269d ago

Jump in and join us in the ever increasing price of xbox live. Where you pay more for less :)

TheTeam063269d ago


lol, yup. Good job. Admitting is always the first step. I'm proud of you.

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hagla3269d ago

Thats not really such a great deal... You can get lego batman for less than 30 bucks at eb and pure for around 50 bucks... i'd rather get a mw2 bundle...

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The story is too old to be commented.