5 Mostly Forgotten Racing Games That Were Actually Pretty Awesome

Let's take a look at five racing games/series that have largely been forgotten about, but in their day, were actually pretty awesome.

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xRacer74x52d ago

Rumble Racing was really good so was Pure. I was always sad they did not release more of Rumble Racing. It was nascar but in an arcade form which was fun to the average fan.

Tiredofthisshill50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

They did release more rumble racing games, but they werent quite as impactful. The newest one was on 3ds iirc.

My top long lost racers
Split second
Rollcage yes theres grip, but no one seems to care :(
Rally cross
Sega rally
Downhill domination
Wave race
Of course burnout (before paradise)

xRacer74x50d ago

Yea all those are really good. Kudos on before Paradise on burnout the previous games I felt were better too.

steven83r50d ago

Ridge Racer
Destruction Derby
Road Rash
Jet Moto And so many more.