Modern Warfare 2 IGN Review Leaked?

From the offcial playstation forums.

"I was on IGN browsing through the MW2 **bleep** when I saw the review score. I flipped out and clicked on that **bleep** and it brought me to a page not found. So I knew it was a mistake post so I quickly print screened. This could very well be the real score. "

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gareno3271d ago

uncharted 2's 9.5 and now mw2's 9.5 make it a perfect fight for Game of the Year!!

Saaking3271d ago

MW2 is gonna have an overall lower average than UC2.

BX813271d ago

@Saklicking... Keep hating cheese toast! MW2= GOTY! If not and Uncharted 2 gets it I will admit I was wrong but after the footage I saw during the World Series... and yes my Yankees won! MW2 looks to have great single player and very dominating multiplayer, but like I said if I'm wrong I'll be the 1st to admit it!

chrisulloa3271d ago

Hey Saaking, I'm happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but I just wanna say MW2 is the best game of 2009.

DonCorneo3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

just to keep the bots and pc nerds happy

yeah, it's totally unfair that only ps3 owners get to play the best game of the year.

but AIAS Game of the Year goes to uncharted 2, no doubt about it

CernaML3271d ago

Wow did you seriously just use that played out meme that got old before the first week? Good job.

deadreckoning6663271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

@Saaking- Why are AVERAGES so important to you? Do u base ur life off others opinions? Do u judge every game based off OTHERS opinions? Grow a brain and stop being a damn robot. Theres a place for you in the PS3 community where actual GAMERS reside.

"Just as I predicted bots laughing it up over a multiplatform"
If Droids don't care about MW2, WHY ARE THEY HERE?? LOL, u give so much attention to somethg that u claim to hate. SHOO...

chrisulloa3271d ago


Wow did I just catch your attention and make you mad?

HolyOrangeCows3271d ago

LOL! Xbox fanboys claiming a multiplatform game as their own?
What else is new?

kagon013271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

PC gamers happy for this rehashed title without its previous main features? I don't think so, their game was gimped thanks to the power of the underwhelming architecture-less 360...

PC gamers are getting a poor 360 port as well...

As a PC/PS3 gamer, I feel pity for Naughty Dog, they worked a lot with sweat and brains to create a beautiful piece of art, just to get thrown away for an overhyped piece of $h!t...

If I buy this game I'll buy it used, but since I despise FPS, COD MW2 can rot for all I care...

The real killer3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

"Hey Saaking, I'm happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but I just wanna say MW2 is the best game of 2009"

Ring ring, wake up boy it's time to play Halo.

Mo0eY3271d ago

Hey chrisulloa , I'm happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but I just wanna say MW2 is multi-platform and on the PS3 too.

So your entire comment is retarded.

CernaML3271d ago

Not mad, but irritated that I read like 5 other comments just like yours in the same day.

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3271d ago
Saaking3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

So, MW2 isn't bringing anything new AT ALL, yet it still gonna get extremely high scores? And yea, most reviews will be 9-9.5.

Natsu X FairyTail3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Maybe the game is That good.

have you even played it ?

On the other hand Uncharted 2 did not Innovate also. It was a Great looking game with elements of Various Other games mixed in one hence the score it recieved.

The graphics arent the same also they've upgraded.

Rigmaster3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I really hope for IGN's sake this is a joke.

I remember all the people who laughed at the idiot who wrote the IGN Killzone 2 review saying they couldn't wait to see if IGN would embarrass themselves with the CoDMW2 review.

If this joke score turns out to be true it looks like we have another GTA4 review fiasco where fanboy reviewers and giant wads of marketing cash created absurdly high undeserved review scores.

deadreckoning6663271d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

9.5 is EXACTLY what I expected from IGN. Anyone whose pissed of about the score needs to asks themselves why IGN's opinion is so important to them?

How in the hell are you judging this game without playing it yet? COD4 got a 9.4 and was GOTY when it came out and all IW has done is improve, WHAT-DID-U-EXPECT?

"uncharted 2 will win AIAS Overall Game of the Year"

Dude, WHO CARES??? Thats not gunna stop anyone from playing MW2 to death. I thought u guys would be a bit more mature about this, but I was wrong. LOOK, Modern Warfare is the best thg to happen to the gaming industry since HALO. It'll elevate the popularity of online gaming to a new level. If ur against that, U AREN'T A GAMER. Period.
Day 1 baby, day damn ONE lol!

josuttis3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I'm not surprised by this absurd fanboy score from IGN. Remember IGN is the site that embarrassed themselves by giving Killzone 2 a 9.5/10 score for graphics.

Killzone 2. The game that people claimed had graphics that were so far beyond anything we would ever see this gen that they were obvious 'Sony lies'. And then:


So that means that the same old crappy Call of Duty 4 graphics that the MW2 has must have gotten a 9-9.5/10.

What a joke. What a disgusting joke.

And forget about the graphics. People who have played the game say the single player is just as short as CoD4 and no different. No dedicated servers. Tiny game sizes with only 9 player per side. The game obviously brings nothing new to the FPS world.

While games like Killzone 2 brought innovations like the revolutionary first person cover system. The state of the art enemy AI. And the awesome non-stop action of the multiplayer Warzone setup. And of course the incredibly immersive gun controls that were no longer the tired old 'weightless gun on a stick' that is standard in FPS games.

You have to wonder if destroying their credibility is really worth it for IGN to avoid having Uncharted 2 be their top rated game of 2009...

swiftshot933271d ago

-Most games dont have dedicated servers
-How do you know its laggy? CoD4 wasnt. And now they've fixed Host ending the game.
-It may be on the arcadish, but its still awesome. What were you expecting? And honestly Id rather have the precise controls MW has over something like Killzone or battlefield because it makes the game way more fast paced. Which is funner IMO.
-In case you forgot CoD4 had some of the best graphics when it came out in 2007. Now MW2 still runs at 60 FPS, there more detail on screen, and now the game has color (something absent from most games this gen). The game looks great.
-Tell me of a game this year that was innovative.

Darkstorn3271d ago

It's going to be a great game, but I have no interest in it since I'm still replaying MGS4 and Demon's Souls. The 360ers have nothing else to play, and will devour MW2.

josuttis3271d ago

P2P networking means that your game is at the mercy of whatever clown is hosting.

If that clown, or someone else at their house, is downloading porn or mps3 or whatever your game connection gets killed.

Even if whoever is hosting your game isn't blowing their connection with downloads you are still limited to tiny player counts because of the crap residential upstream connections.

PS3 and PC gamers don't put up with that garbage. Every major FPS game has dedicated servers for lagfree online play with epic game sizes, 40, 64, or even 256 for MAG.

It's no wonder Xbox fans aren't complaining. There's nothing else to hype on the 360 and they are use to a garbage online service with laggy P2P networking in their games like Gears of War and Halo.

StanLee3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

First, PS3 fanboys are fu*king morons. While I play Episodes from Liberty City, Fifa 2010, Borderlands and Forza 3 and in a couple weeks Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2, all on my XBox 360, keep claiming the XBox 360 doesn't have games to play. Second, Uncharted 2 is what it is, a great game but fu*k it, it's not the be all and end all of video gaming. Enough already.

WonderboyIII3271d ago

Yes its that goodd I am not speculating, I played the game and as I said in a previous article, its gameplay is much better than any FPS around in this generation. Killzone 2 is the other FPS I am playing at the moment and its greaet but MW2 is just better. The graphics are not Killzone 2 quality offcourse as KZ2 is the best looking console FPS existing yet, but now that I have both games I can easily say its great to be a gamer, because we gamers are getting good games from all ends, fanboys are unlucky, they themselves have denied themselves some really good games and they have no one to blame, but themselves.

3271d ago
3271d ago
Unicron3271d ago

9.5 is EXACTLY what I expected.

Thanks for demonstrating exactly why review scores mean jack crap. When we know what to expect without knowing the quality of the title, well... that says something.

Shepherd 2143271d ago

i love when people who are butt hurt are telling me how much im not going to enjoy my game before they have even played the fvcking thing. Its absolutely hilarious how the fanboys on this fantasy site tell more than 10 million people that they are not enjoying Halo because "its resolution is just below 720p!". I absolutely immerse myself into my love for those who say that modern warfare 2 is simply not as good as their new favorite PS3 exclusive because its graphics are not mind-blowing or, BEFORE-THEY-HAVE-EVEN-PLAYED-I T.

Wake up morons, there is a world much bigger than that of N4G, and that world is also much, much different as far as opinions go. Have fun on your little website playing with yourselves, idiots. Intelligent people will be enjoying their games and not overflowing with piss and vinegar over great games like Halo and COD.

god_o_war3271d ago


no lag in cod4? LOL when the game first came out it just wouldnt connect online that infamous downloading game settings screen where it would jus freeze, and no uncharted had the best graphics november 2007

WMW3271d ago

if gears of war 2 taught us anything it is with enough hype reviewers will lie to make the game sound good so i suggest people rent it instead of reading reviews if you aren't sure about buying it. also there is no need to bring up UC2 this game of course won't be that good but hey not many are it should be a ok game since it is not innovative it is a safe game nothing to crazy. lastly 360 fanboys its good you finally have something to play but the way your defending this game makes it seem like its exclusive which it isn't so stfu and calm down @ss holes you idiots do realise that when you say ps3 fanboys are judging the game before playing it that your doing the same thing saying it is good without playing but i wouldn't expect a bunch of brain dead monkeys like you to have notice that.

blahblah1233271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

-Most games dont have dedicated servers

Killzone 2 anybody? COD4 PC servers are the best. Matyrdom banning cleans up the game for sure.

"-How do you know its laggy? CoD4 wasnt. And now they've fixed Host ending the game. "

I have put in more than 30 Days logged on COD4 on PSN and near half that for PC. COD 4 is NOTORIOUS for lag on consoles, XBL or PSN. I have played them all.

"-It may be on the arcadish, but its still awesome. "

COD4 is the Mario Kart of FPS. So yes its a LOT of fun but thin on gameplay depth nonetheless.

"-In case you forgot CoD4 had some of the best graphics when it came out in 2007."

It's nearly 2010, so 2007 graphics are hard to argue in favor of.

"-Tell me of a game this year that was innovative."

Little BIg Planet, making your own levels is much more fun than checkpoint running in most other games.

WonderboyIII3271d ago

people with more mature logical non fanboyish opinions have less bubbles than fanboys?

nix3271d ago

giving high points to over-hyped games. encouraging games like this won't do anything for the game industry.

i guess they won't be cribbing about "it does not bring anything new to the genre", eh?

nix3271d ago

if you look around the score box where GAME RATINGS is written.. it's surrounded with "noise" but the same is not there in the rest of the grey box. and the problem with the "noise" is that it's in a shape of a box... normally the noise is suppose to surround the letters.

soxfan20053271d ago

Because many of the comments here are by one person with multiple accounts. It's easy to give yourself bubbles.

If his points were really valid, there would be no need for the multiple accounts.

XKRUCI83271d ago

Because fanboys, especially PS3 fanboys, run the comments here on N4G, and if you say anything demeaning about the PS3 or one of it's exclusives your bubbles are going down. Also your agrees to disagrees ratio is about 1 to 10.

In order to get more bubbles you must act like so:



Give me bubbles.

nix3271d ago

you know the irony is whatever you said is true.


SIdepocket3271d ago


That's because josuttis, Walther, Porcelaingod, Rigmaster and blahblah123 are all the same person. His points are stupid so he has to sign in to multiple accounts to make them seem valid.

And josuttis, the central fallacy in your argument is that PS3 games with all their graphics and dedicated servers just aren't as fun, and don't perform as well. The laggiest games I own currently are on PS3 - LittleBigPlanet and the two Resistance games. Never had much trouble with COD4 on PS3 or Xbox and I don't forsee any trouble with this title either. Plus, COD4 is a hell of a lot more fun to play online than Killzone - despite all of it's graphical prowess.

Fail Nasim, fail.

Madusha3271d ago


See the bold text, this has been photoshopped.

ProperFunked3271d ago

i just got my copy today, the only thing new is the venues, gun models and a rehashed perk/streak system. other then that the texture are pretty much exactly the same and they changed the voice of Mactavish to make him sound more Scottish instead of bristish<---lame move. a few new animations here and there but its the same game+rehashed story. i dont see why this would get a 9.5....9 at best.

vhero3271d ago

Yet another over inflated score like with GTA the score is purely from hype and nothing more. They let the hype get the best of them like most reviewers.

mega BIG time3271d ago

I finished the campaign 2 nights ago. I got sucked in and was disappointed it only took me 7 hours, but I found myself laughing uncontrollably at how epic the ending felt. I played through MW1 and was impressed, but never blown away. Game of the year contender for sure. This game will get all sorts of attention when it officially releases and unfortunately for you ps3 nuts, will probably overshadow the greatness of Uncharted 2. I haven't played any MW2 multi, but singleplayer 10/10.

NoBias3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

But I don't praise it constantly on this site because I don't like being associated with the Elitist PS3 fanboys on this site. For some reason to them it seems that every game that isn't a PS3 exclusive isn't worth playing. Multiplats for some reason get no love unless it's Batman AA or DAO (Hmm... I wonder why...)

I feel sorry for "gamers" (and I use that term very loosely) that have that mentality. I play the hell outta Uncharted 2 but I don't feel the need to go ramming it down peoples throats every time they mention another game. Why? Because I appreciate and own a LOT of games. Not just games that come out on a certain console.

What is with the "360 fans have nothing to play" weak ass comments all about??? Borderlands, Forza 3, MW2, L4D2, Assasins Creed 2, DJ Hero, DAO, Brutal Legend, I could go on... Why do PS3 fanboys conveniently ignore all of these titles?

Fanboys are sh!t. Simply sh!t. Heaven forbid somebody enjoys a game that they don't (even though they may have never even played it yet or ever).

WonderboyIII3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Well, proper mature gamers should be supporting each other too as well. I really dont understand why XKRUCI8 has two bubbles. SO I am giving as much bubbles as possible to those who deserve it. And admins or whatever you call yourself on this site, you need to do something about registration. Like accepting only non-free emails for that and other techiniques that can be usefel. It is not acceptable to have bacteria like nasim or saaking, polluting this site.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I KINEW IGN was going to give MW2 a 9.5 when I saw Uncharted 2's 9.5. The big sites are afraid to say a exclusive is much better than other games. Uncharted 2 deserves a 9.9 IMO but when I saw that IGN gave it only a 9.5, I knew it was another big game was getting a 9.5 too. IGN took 0.5 points away from U2 just for not explaining well enough, which was a lie by them anyways.

The big sites always have to score hyped games similarly.

-MW2's graphics SUCK compared to, um, modern games.
-It's cinematic campaign can't live up to U2's.
-Spec-Ops looks meh
-Multiplayer will be good but does that really justify a 9.5?
-Restriction of XBL party chat in almost all playlists = Fail

IGN keeps slowly draining my respect...

krisq3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Only?? Jesus, man...:/

Perjoss3271d ago

"While games like Killzone 2 brought innovations like the revolutionary first person cover system"

you mean like the one on R6: Vegas?

solidt123271d ago

I understand why so many people would be quick to say 9.5 and nothing new but can you wait to play the game first. Unless you have a copy don't judge the game just yet. Have you played the single player? Im sure Modern Warfare 2 will be a solid game. I doubt IW would MW 2 not as good as MW 1, and that would be only reason i could see anyone giving MW 2 a lower score.

krisq3271d ago

R6: Vegas didn't have first person cover system. Camera was switching to third.

bloop3271d ago

Where's all this hate for MW2 coming from???? As for people comparing a game they haven't played yet to Killzone 2?!?!? KZ2 was graphically superb, but overall it was just a slightly better than average FPS, nothing to write home about. I wouldn't consider myself to be a huge COD fan, but I think the the fact that a LOT of people still play MW1 to this day 2yrs after release speaks for itself. Why can't people just wait and see what they think for themselves, AFTER they've played it?!?!

DaTruth3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Lol @ 360 fanboys only ones bringing up Uncharted 2 and pointing at PS3 owners and saying that they're the ones bringing up Uncharted 2.

Aside from you 360 fanboys, the only place Uncharted 2 is coming up is in the GotY conversation!

Lol at 360 fanboys looking for ammo to call PS3 owners irrational! Now that their console is proven inferior in every aspect, the only thing they have left is; "Those PS3 fanboyz are teh worst!"

Ravage273271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

'LOOK, Modern Warfare is the best thg to happen to the gaming industry since HALO.'

quite the opposite...both are slightly above average games (with mountains of hype) that steals too much attention away from more deserving games that have taken risk by innovating and raising the bar. Think about it,they are both FPSes - the SAFEST (and arguably the easiest) genre to develop for,and the fact remains that they don't even stand out much from the competition. Having mass appeal isn't everything.

If anything, i feel they are the worst thing to happen to the industry and they are responsible for the nothing-but-FPS feeling you get when you visit the game stores nowadays.

I'm not asking everyone to not buy mw2, just to think hard if there are other games that you are genuinely interested in. Never blindly buy games just because of the hype.

ceedubya93271d ago

Here's what I don't understand. You have people on here, claiming games like Halo and Call of Duty are "overhyped" or "average" games. Mass appeal means nothing...

But, I don't know how these things can really be said when many, many people buy these games year after year.

I'd understand if the game was hyped to high heaven and people ran out to buy the first game without knowing what they were getting into.

But these are sequels. Its obvious that people are finding something in these franchises that they love and continue to purchase them when they come out. If the games weren't that good, people would not get them, especially not millions upon millions of people.

The games may be average to you, and some other out there, but there a large group of people that feel differently. And that has nothing to do with supposed padded review scores that many around here claim.

DaTruth3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Brittany Spears! Any questions???

Are you going to argue she is the most talented artist ever!

Tavaras3271d ago

Ya'll some major HATERS! This has been the most wanted game this year by far... It will sell more than any game this generation probably. Why hate? If you don't like it, don't play it. Go back to playing whatever the hell it was that you were playing and leave the rest of the world alone... When it comes to this game, you haters are definitely in the minority...

ceedubya93271d ago

nice one Truth!

Seriously though, I'm not a fan myself. But there are lots of people who really like what she brings to the music industry. We may not agree with it, but who are we to tell millions of people that their opinion is wrong?

She must be doing something right......whatever that is.

Perkel3271d ago

lol @ people who think that cod4 mw ( which single player was short but was heel of a ride ) succesor won't be as good :)

comeone why so much hate, sure graphic isn't best of all games but it's quality and details of graphic not quantity defined cod4.

mgs4 is also like cod 4 in therms of graphic, quality and details above all

cLiCK_sLiCK93271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Im tired of COD. COD4, COD5, and blah blah. Running around in circles hitting prestige several times...sigh. I mean, who isnt tired of this franchise??? Are people really expecting a whole new experience????? Give me a reason why i should pick this up day one. After playing so long, these games got boring. Seriously. It can definitely wait.

I wonder what tryarch is doing? Another Multiplayer with 55 levels and prestige? Wow. EPIC right? Is this game really worth arguing about? Mindless shooting, aim assist? For all i care Activision can suck it.


Unending Punishment3271d ago

Oh sh*t...Uncharted 2 just lost GotY to a multiplatform FPS with admittedly better gameplay.

sikbeta3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

For all of you saying MW2 isn't bringing anything NEW, but still gonna get high scores

What are you expecting?, really

Is the most anticipated game in the year, it has the most bigger hype-Storm I see in my life, reviewers gonna make it GOTY in a heartbeat, this happened last year with GTAIV and is not gonna change, this Gen big Multiplats are automatically GOTY candidates, exclusives are put in a second place and you'll see it, don't get shocked If you see MW2 GOTY 09 either

I'm not happy with is, I don't like at all, but I can't do anything either, so that's what you get

@Unending Punishment

"Oh sh*t...ODST it can't be GOTY candidate even if I whine as a 5 year old kid, just being happy with my console of choice that can't bring good exclusives and I'm stuck with a multiplatform FPS with admittedly better gameplay than my lovely exclusive"

That's sounds better for a kid like you lol

3270d ago
STONEY43270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )


"Killzone 2. The game that people claimed had graphics that were so far beyond anything we would ever see this gen that they were obvious 'Sony lies'. And then:


If you're gonna post a comparison, at least use the 2009 version. The 2007 version looked like crap imo.

Anyways (on-topic) I'd take IGNs reviews with a grain of salt. They overrate alot of meh games, and underrate the best ones. I mean, they're the ones who gave best graphics of E3 2007 to COD4 instead of Crysis... really... and I bet whoever reviews the PC version is gonna think that the matchmaking isn't a problem.

house3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

like you? theres no way in hell you have one account because every single thing you say is sorry to say stupid i have seen you get 51 disagrees and still come back with 4 bubbles.... so how does that work?

go yanks!

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thedisagreefairy3271d ago

6 hours like i heard it was...then this game doesnt deserve the 9.5

theres too many games with bigger and awesome campaigns that deserve scores like that.

but if it around a 9 hour game and it ends up being as cool as the new trailer shows us then it definently deserves the good score.

but if its the 6 our campaign, and gets extremely high scores from everyone. then this is proof that the scoring based on innovation thing that brought down killzone 2 scores is complete bias.

LordMarius3271d ago

I'm waiting for the GT review, lets see how original this game is

cyberwaffles3271d ago

alright, look guys. even though i think CODMW2 is overhyped and overrated, it doesn't mean it's a bad game. i mean IW has always made pretty solid single player campaigns, albeit short, but good nonetheless so that leaves the game at a pretty decent score itself. the co-op is new and sounds like it's a million times better than nazi zombies. i mean it has over like 13 different kinds of missions, not all of them are objective based or round survival, there's variety. there's also a pretty decent graphics update and the gun design and wobble looks a lot better than what it used to be in COD4. it actually looks a little weighty this time around. the competitive and online gameplay is going to be great for those who liked the first one.

even though a majority of the online component was user feedback rather than the devs themselves, they made some nice adjustments that may seem small on paper but may change the game dramatically. you can upgrade your perks, some perks were replaced with weapon attachments or weapon slots, you no longer have to use Overkill for two primary weapons (though i think it makes the handguns obsolete), there are a lot of new guns and weapon designs and those have always been the biggest thing for FPS gaming which is the way the gun looks and operate, and some other stuff.

i can see why the game would get good scores because fans of the series are going to like these improvements and in my book, that's not making a bad game, that's called catering to the fans.

with all that being said, however, i still detest a lot of things about COD and it's multiplayer. people like it so much because it's so easy and too user-friendly. its mainly the aim assist that drives me nuts and i feel like there's no real skill involved in the game. i see killcams where people are spraying inaccurately at my feet and they somehow get the kill on me. that pisses me off along with the john elway grenade throwing, which does not compliment the small maps, and the mindless run 'n gun nature it has.

i guess i don't like it as much as other shooters just because it can be cheap, too easy, and doesn't satisfy my team based shooter kind of games. this is why COD will never beat battlefield at a multiplayer game. maybe for single player, but certainly not multiplayer.

ProperFunked3271d ago

its actually not a bad game, its pretty fun, especially with commando pretty much teleport knife kill now. its like 3x the jump as COD4 knifes did.

COD4 knife jump = |------------>2-3feet
MW2 knife jump with commando perk = |----------------------------- -------------------------->m iles

you'll know what i mean when you play it...i think its fun, but i can tell by how easy it is to knife kill now...ppl are gonna think it's totally unbalanced...which is actually kind of is...

DaTruth3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I have exhausted all my bubbles trying to explain to you guys that nobody is saying it's a bad game. I haven't seen anyone here openly state that the game sux donkey balls!!! Your jumping in to proclaim that people are bashing MW2, when nowhere in the thread is that actually occurring is not helping the debate. Please stick to the facts!

The question and the discussion from the beginning has been the biased review process that docks some games for having problems or not having features that other games have a far greater problem with, but suddenly omitting those from the review process.

I do not want to go out and rent every game to find out if it's good or not. That is what reviews are for. But, when people are missing great games because a certain reviewing magazine has a bias and buying less attractive games because they were ill advised by unprofessional reviewers, then an injustice has occurred and excuse people for fighting against injustice.

If you didn't have the internet and were getting all your reviews from one biased magazine(not like you could buy them all, or do that and compare), you would miss out on some great games and why would any gamer want to lead you down the wrong path. This is our $60 we are talking about here; It is not a joke to be toyed with by some fanboy journalists!

Go here for the lowest review score ever!
Just for laughs!

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ThePlaystationFour3271d ago

Still Game Of The Year.
Just bought it.