Devs "need to bring some life to it," EA's Hutchinson says

TVGB: "When the original Army of Two was released last year, it was easy enough to pass it off as just another Gears of War clone, but really it wasn't according to EA Montreal's Alex Hutchinson. He offered a few more thoughts towards the problems of the shooter genre when we asked him what it was like coming from Maxis, the developers of Spore, to a more conventional game like Army of Two: The 40th Day. "I think in the shooter genre or RPG genre, or any of these established genres people get stuck in a rut, they're inspired by other games that are the same. So everyone right now making a shooter wants to be Call of Duty, or every time you make a third-person shooter, everyone says you're Gears of War, which isn't good.""

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Rio-Hustla-Inc3268d ago

Sounds like to me they need the CELL PROCESSOR, RSX & BLU-RAY.