TGR Review: NBA Live '10

Brandon Hess writes "in NBA Live 10, the publisher made it their goal to capture the spectacle and emotion of professional basketball, ensuring that both veterans and newcomers will have plenty to jump into."

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SlamVanderhuge3274d ago

Why can't EA just make NBA Jam '10 and be done with it? I'm sure that buying the word "Jam" from Warner Bros wouldn't cost too much.

Haly3274d ago

Ohh how I'd love to see a new NBA Jam game. Best game ever!

The sims just feel too frequently like a simple stats upgrade year after year :/

midi3274d ago

It is depressing as hell to picture myself 15, 16 years ago kicking hell out of NBA JAM on the SNES. Man, I wish they would redo that game.