TGR Review: Brave: A Warrior's Tale

Lawrence Sonntag writes that "most aspects of the game aren't what a gaming enthusiast would consider good, or even adequate. The important thing to realize is that Brave just isn't for them, and conversely, neither is this review. This review is for parents who can hardly finish reading this paragraph because their child is wailing in the background, and quite possibly about to throw a pudding cup at the monitor. That parent will want to know if Brave will keep the little bast- err... bundle of love quiet long enough to justify the game's $30 price. Unfortunately, several factors prevent Brave from earning this blanket recommendation."

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SlamVanderhuge3273d ago

I love 3D platformers, but this one sounds particularly rancid

mr durand pierre3273d ago

I do like the intro paragraph quite a bit.

midi3273d ago

Hmmm, I really enjoyed this review and as I got to the end, braced myself for the 2/10 that was surely coming. 4/10 suggests a game which is slightly below average.