Japanese Magazine Masashi Tsuboyama Interview - Console discussion

Masashi Tsuboyama has been interviewed by Electric Shock Magazine [Dengeki Playstation] about the next generation of Silent Hill. He talks Silent Hill 5, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. No solid details but its a very good read.

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tehcellownu4751d ago

DP: Are these limitations involving the Playstation 3's cell processor which is hard to utilize?

Tsuboyama-san: The Playstation 3 is a complex piece of hardware. With that limitation once worked around can result in something wonderful. Which is why the playstation 3 is harder to develop for because its new but when we work round the idea then it can rise above the other lead consoles in processing power.

DP: PS3 uses Blu-Ray technology, would you actually need this or is it just a novelty?

Blu-Ray will be a great asset to the developer in the future. 50GB of storage is a huge jump from what we had [9BG Dual Layer] at DVD level. Saying that, we have not had too much trouble fitting the games on a CD as was the case with Silent Hill for Playstation or DVD for Silent Hill's 2 to 4 but in those times we have not had HD involved and more complex environments and detailed character models which next-gen allows.

DP: Have you made any thoughts on the platform which Silent Hill will appear?

Tsuboyama-san: Like I said, we only have ideas but we have been assessing next-generation consoles such as Sony's Playstation 3. We have looked at other consoles too but they exact limitations which could delay progress. We have not decided the console yet.

I hope they choose the PS3 as their lead platform!!

popup4751d ago

I suppose any game that has been released to capacity on a DVD9, you could argue that just doubling the content would of course require the extra storage but that would make most developers faint!

For now it seems a way off - mind you, the stretch from CD to DVD was munched pretty quick so who knows.

I would have thought that using the extra space for the equivelent of "DVD Extras" would be a good idea for now and for example Motorstorm does this to a certain degree. A 'Making of' section and some huge sprawling HD CGI of the Festival and Dessert.

These extras have nothing to add to the game and dont making buying a PS3 an essential but give you something to do when you are bored - like extras do with DVD's...

IBLEEDBLU4751d ago

dev are starting to notice that bluray was the smartest thing to do and that is why that 1 year wait sony did to make sure they got it all rite will blow the compition out of the water or force(which i know it will happen) the comp to come out with another system and force ppl to go buy it hahahaha the funny thing will be once MS launches another console with bluray in the next year or 2 which will be crappy because it would be rushed MS sheep will say its better lol then the PS3

sonarus4751d ago

Well from the interview i can tell you the PS3 will more than likely be the lead platform and there is at least a 60% chance the game will be exclusive to the PS3.

Rhezin4751d ago

Hell no they'll make more money if they go multiplatform, except for the Wii doesn't look like it's gonna happen there, but it'll almost definately be on 360 also. I'll bet you 20$

sonarus4751d ago

Yea from a financial perspective it could go on the 360 but you can tell from his wording that he is in more support of the PS3. Silent hill wnt be coming out for another 2yrs by then if the PS3 has a solid install base trust me it will be exclusive