VidZone in North America

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
VidZone, the online music video service operated by London-based VidZone Digital Media, was released for the PlayStation 3 last June. However it's only available in certain PAL territories, and currently has only outlined plans to expand further into PAL territories. Will the video service ever expand into North America?

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Lifewish3270d ago

would be yet another great service for PS3 owners if it came to the states.

doctorstrange3270d ago

I do use it quite regularly

deadreckoning6663270d ago

I thk its retarded that Sony hasn't brought this to the states yet. I've been waiting for this one.

doctorstrange3270d ago

It can't be easy considering all the legal stuff they have to deal with, plus they don't actually own VidZone

Fishy Fingers3270d ago

They only have a European licence and in fact not every country is in the EU is covered by that. Nothing "retarded" about it.

Parapraxis3270d ago

Canada doesn't even have the video store yet =(
On top of that we're blocked by HULU, Netfix, etc, etc. I use a proxy on my PC to get around it, but no such option for the PS3.

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guitarded773270d ago

Yeah, I have been waiting for this one. I would probably use this service a lot.

George Sears3270d ago

Yeah moving to North America would be a great approach for them to expand there service. There is nothing for us PS3 owners over here when it comes to music videos so it would be great for them to be the first ones to do this. Be the first and monopolize!

koehler833270d ago

US: Maybe

Canada and Mexico: Not a chance in hell

sabestar3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

So true. I'm still waiting for the video store to come to Canada

Europe is getting it, how on Earth Canada doesn't?

Myst3270d ago

I came in here with high hopes thinking that it had been released, but here I am only to see that it is more asking rather than telling. Well anyway here's hoping that the U.S. will at one point get it.

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The story is too old to be commented.