Rumored PS Store Content for 11/05/09

PlayStation LifeStyle's Weekly Rumored PlayStation Store Content offers a preview as to what is expected (and rumored) to hit the PlayStation Store this week.

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Lifewish3454d ago

Pretty solid update, the demo for numblast was fun

3454d ago
St03454d ago

Tekken 6 demo would be nice!

s8anicslayer3454d ago

Sev, I been waiting for that RE2 Release for weeks now, I hope this week your

Lifewish3454d ago

would be nice, loved RE2

Zydake3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Pretty good btw Sev there was a online chat a while back with a THQ rep and fans of the WWE series and the fans asked if there will be a demo and they replied no.... so I think you should cross that off the rumor section.

sorry wasn't a online chat it was a tweet my bad

xXdragonspawnXx3454d ago

Its about time FFVIII is now in there

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The story is too old to be commented.