Nintendo DSi XL Makes PSP Go Look Brilliant

PSP World Writes:

"Nintendo may be on the verge of falling behind in the handheld sales war, particularly in Japan. After fairly positive reception of its camera-equipped DSi hardware, Nintendo has recently announced yet another revision to the device, in a move that looks more like desperation than smart business. The DSi XL will do what the name suggests and make the device BIGGER than its predecessor. The honkin' big unit comes with two 4.2 inch screens and a giant pen meant to simulate a more 'adult' input style. The first prototype unit is also covered in a hideous crimson metallic paint that makes it look even less fun than it probably is."

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clinker3273d ago

Yes it does, but the sad thing is that Nintendo will probably sell millions more of this beast, especially in Japan.

Chris3993272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Part of the appeal of the DSi is that it looks small and refined. The Japanese, when it comes to electronics, have a very good sense of aesthetics. They also like physically small items.

This, on the other hand, looks garish and large. It does not resemble a toy for adults (as it is supposed to, with it's "pen"), it looks like something made for a child. The metallic red paint doesn't help much either.

I'm not sure what's going on with Nintendo lately, but they seem to be slipping.

SolidSystem3272d ago

They took the short term win instead of the long term.

mint royale3272d ago - LMAO!

113 million sold? I very much doubt anything Nintendo does with the DS can be seen as 'desperation.' Fanboys can be so funny.

darthv723272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I see the "XL" as the next size up in terms of handhelds. Like picking a TV. You have a choice in size from say...42" to 52" from the same mfg. Same specs and yet the difference is size and price.

This will sell to the more adult base where as the existing dsi/dsl will sell to the younger demographic. It isnt that hard to understand.

You can't say the same about the pspgo and psp. To many differences to use the same analogy.

edit: @holy...cow: why would sd card support, web browser, digital downloads, improved screens and a couple of cameras be considered a "step backwards"? It still plays ds games with the exception of the guitar hero ones. That accounts to 99% of ds games able to be played. You can't do that with a pspgo (not yet at least).

HolyOrangeCows3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

and worked towards making it even more affordable (Not that it isn't already, but the DSi was a step backwards if you ask me).

STK0263272d ago

but, isn't the XL aimed at an older audience, which could use the bigger screen?

Noctis Aftermath3272d ago

The reason why the pspgo has sold poorly in Australia is (imo) because of 2 reasons:

Firstly because you have to download the games and sadly australian broadband internet connections have download restrictions, the average is between 2-10gb a month.

Secondly it is because of the stupid pricing, the Recommended retail price(RRP) is $449AU which is $406US, even though some stores are selling the pspgo at $398AU but even that is still $360US and quite frankly it is way to much for a handheld.

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TheBand1t3272d ago

Isn't the entire purpose of a Handheld is to be....smaller?

SolidSystem3272d ago

Anti DSi article from a PSP site...

Subzero200x3272d ago

sooo that's why nobody wants the buy it?

Kroganwrex3272d ago

"Make it less fun that it already is" - This is such an unrefutably credible source.

clinker3272d ago

would you rather have a ginormous Nintendo DS for old people or a PSP Go? Also that color is ugly, regardless of the credibility of the source.

SolidSystem3272d ago

I dont think the color is all that bad, and being a bit bigger isnt all that bad. might not be pocket size, but still portable.

over all i think its a bad move. Nintendo is pulling and iPod here. i just want a DS2 with much better hardware =/

Darkfocus3272d ago

That colors awesome you know the original game and watches were that color right?

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